Thursday, September 15, 2016


This website has been dedicated to the corrupt practices of powerful lobbies and government officials that led to the attack of the US by terrorists that could have easily been caught by competent U.S. officials.

Now, we have doctors dictating and primping politicians that they favor to present to us. Donald Trump's doctor dictates letters "on his plane" in what appears to be Trump's words and style.  But what is outrageous is that Hillary Clinton, a woman in so much distress that 2 people have to carry her to the car because of weakness" at the 9/11 memorial, has had a doctor declare that it was weakness from a non-contagious pneumonia that she has been carrying around for awhile.  Just what "non-contagious" pneumonia is that?  COPD? Lung Cancer? The public needs to know.  She has picked a VP, but he has not been elected with her!

What are we dealing with here? Is it organized rebellions and "connected politicians"?

The public was clearly against Obamacare and yet it was still forced upon us.  Election 2012 offered Obama vs. Romney (a clear supporter of mandated healthcare insurance in Massachusetts).

Doctors Dictating US State policy are unacceptable.  Look at Mengele, Look at Walter Jackson Freeman.

We need control of the medical field that is putting our expenses through the roof.  At least it would be a fair start.  Soylent Green or Democracy and Capitalism?  What will it be?