Monday, November 25, 2019

An Impeachment State of Mind

It is quite clear to everyone who has followed the news media a little, that the Democrats have been in an Impeachment state of mind since the day Trump won Election 2016.  Yet leaders like Pelosi and others today say that they were not.  In other words they are "newspeak" liars (George Orwell shows here in all his glory).

This thinking has been a disgusting abuse of the United States Constitution.  The voters wanted change, they did not want the same old whining from Democrats up to no good or up to nothing.

Now ex-NYC major Bloomberg has stepped into the election ring, and he may have a good run.  Certainly the other anti-Trump candidates do not appear able to run the country, or perhaps even survive the presidency.

We are sick of our media choked with this scam.  And we all will suffer for it, no doubt.