Friday, November 13, 2020

Anti-globalization or Nihilism: Point Counterpoint

 The Pope has sided with Biden and President Trump wants to start his own TV network when he leaves the White House.  He most likely hopes that the 49% will watch their advertisements.  Although it is healthier than heading for the beach and crowded bars with stimulus checks, it may be a large waist of electricity running up and down antennas and through cable wires.

What will Biden offer?  Most likely prayer: modern nihilism with SUVs and high thermostats, through an "open" dialog with China, Evangelicals, Catholics (East and West), Islam, homosexusls, and even criminals (if they will).  The rich with get richer and the poor will get poorer.

Action comes thorugh industry, not government.  Andy Stern's version of the Saul Alinsky machine will do well again, as will churches, and even oil companies.  Credit users, probably will not, as INTEREST RATES ARE ON THEIR WAY UP.  The banks (and Feds) are worried about getting their money back.


What is the Left's direction after winning the election?  Appointing committees while the economy begins a nose-dive.  (Did he hire Dr. Fauci as he said he would?).

Hope through racism, sexism, and deviation.  Nihilism, Hope Against Hope.  And apparently the Pope will support it if it suits him as well.

Saturday, November 07, 2020

Trump Had A Hard Time Getting Out of the White House - But This Time the Pandemic Helped

 How many times and ways do the voters have to say no to the Andy Stern "Rocky Horror Picture Show"?

"Let's do the time warp again"???

No! No! No!

And we doubt it will be look out Turkey...

Thank you for the 4 years and the vaccine work President Trump. 

(For Covid19, not so much, however.  But he can't be blamed for the inappropriate use of the stimulus checks).

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

What Will Happen if Trump Bows Out and Biden Stumbles In?

We will be left with a Medical-Industrial complex that rules a socialist debtor country in the United States of America.  Which vaccine will you get?  Spin has already begun from California before election 2020, but it is unlikely to continue if the Left should win the election.  With China and foreign oil companies in the White House, a profitable green industry in the United States seems as unlikely as a profitable Detroit car industry. 

Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Have National Defense Parties Led to The End of Democracy?


Are we in one big race to the bottom with racism?

Killers on the Planet Earth:  Cars, a COVID19 pandemic caused by a virus from China,  planes that won't respond to human control, poorly designed nuclear power plants, and a politics denounced even by the religion of those forcing it on the majority with riots and looting and ignorant nihilism.  

Hope Against Hope wins?

Monday, September 21, 2020

Two Faced, But No Janus

 Ex-Vice President Joe Biden touts the theology of John Paul II, but grossly opposes John Paul II's perspective on politics.  John Paul II, and the Vatican ever since, have opposed Liberation Theology, a political machine identical to that later described in Saul Alinsky's Rules For Radicals and used extensively by the Obama/Biden administration with Andy Stern of the SEIU.

Biden does not even appear to be fit for the Presidency, and will not take a competency test, even of his own choosing.  We are not asking him to "walk across water here", we just want to see him perform in a debate and submit some type of non-teleprompter assessment of his abilities.

Trump has been silly at times, tweeting to run the news cycle, yet successful with Middle East policies, Korean policies, Chinese policies, and VACCINES.


No one thinks of Christmas now.  But here is a link to our earlier poem.


            "No one dreams of being a doctor or a lawyer or 


            "They just dream of dealing on the dirty boulevard"

             Dirty Boulevard, Lou Reed


They just want to see the Tax Returns of a rich man in the White House and loot other neighborhoods.  And the rent is not "too damn high" around Catholic Schools for some reason. 


We should all be able to hope for the future and it still appears that a Trump White House  is the best choice for that.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

COVID States Tout More Automobiles Than Most, Yet Preach Climate Change Is Real



California has the most cars in the country, by a great margin and Delaware is 11th in the number of cars per capita out of 50 states and DC. 

And Trump chides them and says "it will go away".  It will when those bugs do their jobs.

I suppose those bugs want more money for gas, tires, and massaging seats.

Monday, August 17, 2020

New Red States to Take on Green State

2 states bright red on the COVID19 map, California and Delaware, claim that "Trump alone" is responsible for the affliction of the USA with the COVID19 pandemic.

As Trump said:"local governments are responsible for "opening up".  Instead of using science, the "Bright Red States"  opened up way too early to get their share of the $1200 stimulus checks intended to keep America safe and viable.  Those states included the "Party Beach States" of California, Delaware, Florida, and Texas.  And now their E.R.s are full of COVID19 casualties, no doubt much of which was caused by "boogie boards" in a COVID19 septic surf.

The CDC left to Trump after 8 years of Obama/Biden clearly could not handle this pandemic.  They could not even provide a test for the virus that worked.  Dr. Fauci was our leader in the pandemic. Dr. Fauci was a hand pick of President Trump.  We cannot expect a real estate developer to understand the biology of viruses.  And clearly, even with full knowledge of what happened when NYC was hit with COVID19, local leaders in other areas opened their beaches to COVID parties.  It wasn't Trump, it was those state leaders themselves.   And now those states are bright red on the COVID 19 map, while Trump's home of New York is a nice green.

Their stupidity, and cruelty really, that should be prosecuted.

It is also worth noting that the Wuhan biological safety laboratories in Wuhan China received funding from the Obama administration as well, despite the last SARS release from China in 2007!

What A Mess We Have Here!  And at the top of the list of that mess we have California and Delaware.  China prefers Biden - surely, they can dump their COVID19 here!