Monday, November 25, 2019

An Impeachment State of Mind

It is quite clear to everyone who has followed the news media a little, that the Democrats have been in an Impeachment state of mind since the day Trump won Election 2016.  Yet leaders like Pelosi and others today say that they were not.  In other words they are "newspeak" liars (George Orwell shows here in all his glory).

This thinking has been a disgusting abuse of the United States Constitution.  The voters wanted change, they did not want the same old whining from Democrats up to no good or up to nothing.

Now ex-NYC major Bloomberg has stepped into the election ring, and he may have a good run.  Certainly the other anti-Trump candidates do not appear able to run the country, or perhaps even survive the presidency.

We are sick of our media choked with this scam.  And we all will suffer for it, no doubt.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Your 401K Is Not All That Will Be Lost

In June of 2008, Barak Obama became the Democrats' choice as a presidential candidate.  The economy then tanked, with a stock market crash in September 2008. (The Great Recession).

The Obama administration then forced policies on the United States citizens that were not wanted by the majority of Americans, and the economy suffered.  And do not forget that Andy Stern of the SEIU was the number 1 visitor to the Obama White House!  Only incredible spending saved it from total collapse (Depression?).  And do not forget that Andy Stern of the SEIU was the number 1 visitor to the Obama White House!

The Trump administration, despite rhetoric, has given the voters exactly what they asked for, and the US has promoted stability in the middle east and N. Korea  Furthermore, despite the presence of Strategic Russian Bombers in the pacific and Venezuela, Trump has maintained an open good relationship with Vladimir Putin and Russia.

It may suit progressive politicians to promote instability, "turning rebellion into money" as the say,  but it does not suit hard working Americans that are trying to invest in a good life.  And the markets show it.  The economy, and most likely significant foreign relations, especially in critical Korea and the middle east, will suffer too, if the "progressive" left gets in again.

Tuesday, August 06, 2019


The two shootings last weekend indicate the seriousness of our gun culture in some communities of our country.

Obama can share in the blame in this mentality with his "fast and furious" culture.  A culture cultivated in his administration with then Attorney General, Eric Holder.

Why sell firearms to low level gang members?  How about murder!  Those people are those with the hope of moving up in a drug cartel?  

Want to impress a cartel executive?  Kill an enemy.  Dirty your hands to impress him.

Well now that violence has hit our cities, just as President Trump predicted.

The US-Mexico border and the Oregon district of Dayton, Ohio have been hit by our own firepower by the disgruntled and violent mentally ill.

President Trump wants a wall, and it looks like we need a good one more and more. Just think what is waiting for us now after policies like those of Barak Obama.

We could also use more sense in weapons sales.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

New Drug Store Perfume is Needed

Taylor Swift's fragrance is out of the aisle at Walgreens headquarters in Chicago.  But don't fret Theranos has a plan and a new machine, one sure to make a customer out of every body that enters their pharmacy, courtesy of FRAUD!  Obamacare and Theranos fraud, is how the Second City drug store dictates to the rest.

Drop outs - Chicago had a 57 percent graduation rate in 2011, the year of the Fukushima nuclear disaster.  By some miracle, Obama's friend Rob Emanuel has raised that to 77 percent -  We' would like to see ALL of the exam sheets, not the selected ones!

It is Jennifer Lawrence's day in Walgreens aisles now.  

Walgreens Pharmacies may soon go the same road as their purchase, Theranos, if they don't keep their pharmacists off of the streets chasing after scared customers (Which the do, by the way).

And what did 25 or 6 to 4 mean anyway?
Chicago, 1969

It has been banned in some countries!

                         "Andy Gump came in late with Chester,
                          He sat in the pit with a big or-ches-tra;
                          Boy, you should hear old Baney Google Play
                         "In a love nest" on his bugle" 
                         The Dance of the Paper Dolls
                         Johnny Tucker, Joe Schuster, and John
                         Siras.  Copyright MCMXXVIII by M.
                         Witmark and Sons, International Copyright

                        Nana, Na
                        Na-na na
                       The Night Chicago Died
                       Paper Lace

Drug Store Perfume
Gerard Way, on the G album

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Why the Progressive LEFT LEFT the Amazon Deal

Simply put - Politics.  The Left wants on the Right's bandwagon, to split the vote closer to 50/50 by adding whites, straights, and the religious right. Privacy issues and Family issues are being added to the Progressive Left's Political Machine to keep NYCs model in their blood.   

Amazon was scheduled to begin the installation of jobs in Long Island City, in the Queens Astoria area.  This would have offered jobs to more people, including more men, in the New York Metro area.

Who Profits from a tight schism?  The Politicians.

Nancy Pelosi survived the Left squable, and now the Left wants Amazon out of New York too.  And the Left wants more recounts and "foreign conspiracies" -  but no wall (at least so they say today).

There are now still too few jobs in this port town and too much time for marches and "park occupations".

The Left follows for voter opportunities.  IT DOES NOT WALK THE TALK.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Who Put Trump in Office Anyway?

Although Nancy Pelosi seems to be a judicious choice for Speaker of the House by the Democrats, she is still clearly weak compared to the person in the White House!

Nancy Pelosi began to ask that Trump postpone his State of the Union Speech on January 16, 2019.  The State of the Union Address is scheduled for January 29th.

Now Trump has had to ground her airplane scheduled for a foreign trip to get her to stay in Washington to work.

And where was she during "The Wall" press visit?  I doubt she was visiting "Milk's" grave.

"If a bullet should enter my brain, let that bullet destroy every closet door"
-Harvey Bernard Milk 


It looks like another ratings coup is going to happen for State of the Union 2019 thanks to Speaker Pelosi!

Ya know, they seem to think alot alike!

Thank you President Trump!


Joe Biden was paid 200,000 to support a West Michigan Republican

Incidently, West Michigan now sports a "promise" to pay for the undergraduate tuition to their state schools for all of their local students.  A very expensive and private new medical school was subsequently built on their campus.  

Mr. Biden praised their support of cancer research (Whoa!, The Link? - to new healthcare and education?).

Sunday, December 02, 2018

Trump Will Bury G.H.W. Bush

Ronald Reagan had Alzheimer's Disease.

G.W.Bush Claims G.H.W.Bush brought honor to the office

Clinton brought Monica Lewinsky to the office.

G.W. Bush brought poor intelligence to the office, and we are still suffering from his Iraq War debt - "finishing what his father didn't".

Obama thinks he brought honor to the office.

And now Trump has their debt and world problems dumped on him with neocon purple politics!

Who will bury G.W. Bush?

Only the good die young.