Monday, July 20, 2020

It May Not Be Putin or Beijing

If these local "Cornavirus Parties" continue, respiratory syndromes will make it easy enough for the Muslim Brotherhood to have their boots shined in Detroit!  And the polls indicate they may have another shot at it.  Who will step up to lead on this problem.  Local municipalities have failed in too many cases here.  QUARANTINES AND FAST ACTIONS ARE NEEDED.

Texas, California, Arizona, and Florida leading the Party Death Squads.  Yet, so far, New York has kept their infection rate down to 1%.  How?  They know better than to trust herd mentalities, whether it is a Texas cattle herd or  camel caravan.

What is driving this pandemic upsurge?  Beach parties?  There is no ocean front property in Arizona.  But there is a lot of sand...

Sunday, July 05, 2020

President Trump's Brilliant Speech and Display at Mt. Rushmore

President Trump gave a unifying speech at Mt. Rushmore on July 3rd.  It was probably one of the best speeches we have had in decades.  He invoked the legacy of diverse Americans, that were also great and brilliant.  Leaders and builders of this country were on display with the fireworks and the Black Hills.

As he said in his speech, many of the recent protesters, along with some associated hoodlums, did not have a clue about what they were doing.  And apparently, Joe Biden did not understand the President's speech, that was also criticized by left-invested media, either.

It was Obama/Biden that helped throw this country further off the course that the majority of Americans clearly wanted.  The majority wanted freedom.  Freedom from the racist politics of Obamacare, for example.  A country still careening after a war waged by a mad president who invented weapons of mass destruction was USED by this left wing agenda consisting of Obama/Biden and Andy Stern of the SEIU to establish their political goals using medical care to invade homes and communities with their agenda.

And now Trump attempts to get it back on track with the messes of world debt and politics in upheaval, nuclear-capable missle tests, and a new bat virus released from China exacting a toll on the Earth's population in a pandemic.

What we are seeing in the media today is the stupidity of anarchy for the sake of political power only.  Anarchy used by the few to dominate the majority.

It is Biden who needs to be stopped - because of his past policies against Americans, the majority of Americans, with political fusions using the radical politics of Saul Alinsky that also brought us the Kent State killings and the destruction of many American businesses.

Will President Trump step up again?  We have to hope so because it is clear that Biden certainly cannot do the job that the majority of Americans want done.

Monday, June 08, 2020

They Throw Acid on The Wound

As America watched a murder at the hands of a policeman in Minneapolis, no leaders stepped forward to properly mourn the psssing of a man arrested by a policeman who most likely had a personal vendetta against a past acquaintance.

Instead of asking for restraint from "their minority", politicians fueled the anger with more hatred that led to riots, assaults on riot police, and extensive property damage and looting.  This culminated in politicians planning a star-studded funeral for what may have been a decent man that should have been buried by his family with respect (and a lawyer).   Even the man's very young child was brought to "events" to give speeches to say the "My daddy changed the world".  (And as her mother says, she is simply to young to even "understand what has happened").

President Trump has tried to keep us safe, and maintain law and order, and he appears to be successful. But the oppoition PARTY, fueled hatred in order to drive a movement to their side of the ballot box.

There is no 20-20 mind-vision Biden here. In this chaos, with a pandemic on the planet, Biden chose again to tout healthcare as his ticket to Black equality.  Their Obamacare has clearly been shown not only to bloat the healthcare system but is attempting to promote the agenda of the politicians, and not patient care.  The system could not even handle a new respiratory virus.  It could not even prepare a test for a new virus, shipping a new test that did not work, like a bad Chinese "knock off".  The Left's New York mayor has now even pulled funding from the New York police, despite the destruction of their city and the looting of their businesses in front of the well-armed police trying to keep the peace in riots and protests.

The Party continues, we have no true leaders on the Left, just leaders supporting racist hatred and chaos.  What will the "black hole" leave us?  A Beruit?


Friday, April 17, 2020

And The Party Is Extended to Pandemic Fires - Masks Wick Viruses!

 And the Governors cannot blame Trump for their misuse!  They are promoting a "wishy-washy" use of masks that varies with the distance of people from each other in different "outside" situations.

 Telling people to fashion a mask out of their own materials to protect them from a relatively stable pandemic-inducing is setting our communities on FIRE!

A wet mask will not only transmit any virus from the hands to surfaces, it will also transfer viruses to the wearer, as he navigates a virus-infested environment, courtesy of other wet masks.

Everyone needs to be informed about the dangers of viruses "wicking" into their nose and mouth.

Hand sanitizer use or "hand to mask behavior training" must be mandatory, since people cannot carry a sink and soap with them.  

Monday, March 16, 2020

Obama/Biden Third World Medicine

Obama/Biden Third World Medicine:

"We aren't going to pull the plug on Grandma."  (We're just not going to plug her in).

The chickens have come home to roost! And super-infectors are clearly lurking on public transit - the open sneezers are fighting for a personal justice!

Obama cared...

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Presidential Vice Candidates?

A Shameless Sanders Panders the Homophobe Vote.

Why would Bernie Sanders bring up Fidel Castro's techniques now?  Because he is hoping to get votes from Biden-supporting homophobes.  As was outlined in David Reiff's book, The Exile: Cuba in the Heart of Miami, Fidel Castro dumped homosexuals on the United States, and they became a part of Little Cuba in the United States.

But it was homosexuals that made Bernie Sanders who he is in 2016 to begin with and they helped make him a millionaire author. His movement was a movement of new age thinkers, and it clearly consisted of a good proportion of homosexuals.

If he gets enough votes from Biden, do you suppose he will ask Buttigieg to be a Vice Presidential choice? A Hoosier Vice President too?

Saturday, February 08, 2020

What Were They Thinking?

Impeach - a blemish on President Trump?

We think not!  A ship of fools went against the man, and they lost, BIG!

What were they thinking?

Que Sera, Sera?

But will it be alright for everyone? - It looks like Iowa has tried to make that happen!

Obama to Buttigieg/Sanders/Warren and no one with a ticket.

Glass Bottom Boats, are just that.  There are no winner photo ops from Iowa!