Thursday, September 09, 2021


As the Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes trial begins, we may need to consider a higher level of service here: Has she blocked the development of a Chicago based "Hunger Games"?

As one considers the history of Theranos, and the high-level supporters of this company, including Henry Kissinger and Richard Fuisz, one has to wonder if it was designed to fail for greedy, malintentioned investors.  But it may have gotten out of hand to keep a roof over their heads.


"Inventor and businessman Richard Fuisz, 81, speculates there must have been immense pressure on Ms Holmes to succeed. His family lived next door to the Holmes for years but they fell out when Theranos sued him over a patent dispute in 2011 (it was later settled)."


Fuisz, a friend of the Holmes family, a Washington D.C. resident, and inventor penned a patent against Theranos that almost seems like a pro-Theranos publicity Stunt in  Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup by John Carreryrou. The lawsuit hit the news on time and was settled. This certainly would have been a favorable distraction for Theranos anyway.

This is the same Fuisz outlined in Wikipedia for whistle-blowing Bush era arms sales to Iraq.

"The article described an affidavit Fuisz had submitted to the Operations Subcommittee of U.S. House Committee on Agriculture, which was investigating American heavy equipment manufacturer Terex Corp. Fuisz, who had been involved in business in the Middle East for many years, was representing a Saudi family interested in purchasing a heavy equipment company when he was given a tour of the Terex plant in Motherwell, Scotland in September 1987. During the tour, Fuisz noticed two large armor-plated vehicles painted in desert camouflage with specially attached steel backs; 

the plant manager allegedly told Fuisz that the vehicles were Scud missile launchers being manufactured for the Iraqi military, and that they were being smuggled by modifying their serial numbers to disguise them as civilian mining vehicles. 


When Fuisz questioned Terex Vice President David Langevin about the vehicles, he claims he was told that the shipments had been requested by the CIA, with the cooperation of British intelligence. Fuisz's allegations were corroborated by a former Terex employee also interviewed by the House Committee, who had been fired after raising questions about the company's bookkeeping. "


The Neoconservative movement is based in Chicago, with its rainbow coalitions.  

Walgreens, a big investor in Theranos, is considered too high priced.  The reason given is that it is a 24/7 pharmacy.  A 24/7 business may have been very interested in a 1 drop system, that would not require a doctors order for a blood draw by a phlebotomist.  This may complement their drug sales, particularly high-priced insulin with needles that do not require a prescription.

Was Theranos a turtleneck-wearing (like in the 1983 movie, Brainstorm) Walgreens killer?

"I played Chicago"

The Young Machiavelli, H.G. Wells

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Biden's Failed and Foolish Policies Are Adding Up:Biden Forces The Taliban Into The Cities With Airstrikes.

 Biden Forces The Taliban Into The Cities With Airstrikes.

 Biden has pulled all troops off of the ground and basically forced the Taliban to flee armed into Afghan cities.  One can't imagine the capitol will last long.  Will they need "air lifts".

Recall what then President Trump said?  He said "Good Luck Joe".

 No one else cared if Biden was fit for the job.  

I hope we see some light here soon besides poppy fields and heroin production.

The "Sacklers' family oxycontin" is busted.  Now what?  Cheap heroin for debtor nations already under stress from China Flu COVID19?

Saturday, July 24, 2021

Racist Polar Politics Are Killing Americans: First Obamacare Was Resisted, And Now It is Killing Us With Vaccine Hesitation

Get vaccinated to stay out of the hospital and/or grave.  Worry about repealing Obamacare and Tuskegee experiments later.  Modern polar politics with or against the Stern-Obama/Alinsky model kills just like it did at Kent State.  It destroyed and will destroy more communities if it not stopped, but vaccines are saving lives NOW and they will save many lives in the future.


Sunday, June 13, 2021


 NPR, On the Media, 6.12.2021: "Two parties, one that is democratic."




 "So unrelenting is the assault on our sensibilities that many of us grow numb, finding resignation to be the rational, adaptive response to an environment that is increasingly polluted and apparently beyond our control."

"Radical egalitarianism necessarily presses us towards collectivism because a powerful state is required to suppress the differences that freedom produces"

"This it must be stressed, is not a conspiracy but a syndrome.  These are institutions controlled by people who view the world from a common perspective not generally shared by the public at large"

"The Sixties may be seen in the universities  as a mini-French Revolution that seemed to fail, but ultimately did not"

Slouching toward Gomorrah, pp 3,5, 7, and 13

Robert H. Bork

Friday, April 23, 2021

Homicide By Cop But Not Systemic Racism That Warrants a Black State in Washington DC

 A horrible homicide by a man misusing a badge occurred outside CUP foods in Minneapolis, but it has been turned into a cry for racial justice.  The House has now passed a bill to make black-dominated Washington DC a state.

Derek Chauvin clearly knew George Floyd, worked with him, and had a history of aggression against him.  He worked with him in the same club!  Derek Chauvin killed George Floyd by "2nd Degree Murder".

We will all never be free until people accept their equal opportunity and equality under law.  The current administration ignores the facts of injustice and spins it into bigotry rather than evil.

A homicide of a man, a father, and drug user and possible forger was turned into "affirmative action".  Disgusting!  We need police reform for everyone.  If you're going to carry tasers at the tax payers expenses - use them!

And do not forget that Sir Isaak Newton executed forgers and that WWI soldiers were barb- wired into trench warfare slaughters!

 President Biden participated in this presentation.  And he is responsible for it too.


Thursday, March 18, 2021

Biden Administration Repudiation

So far, Biden has taken a bizarre approach to appointing people to key positions in his "new" government.  For example, he has appointed an openly gay and same-sex married individual as Transportation Secretary.  He has also appointed the former Governor of the state of Michigan (the state of Ford's Detroit) to Energy Secretary.  

Change is coming, but Biden repudiates "straight talk" on climate change, and is using the "same old song and dance"  pedaling Alinsky's "political pornography" - jobs for rural agricultural states and social justice for the cities.

Is Brave New World or Catch 22 playing out rapidly in Washington D.C.? What will this planet look like with 50 years of these politics - deserts and irrigated cemeteries?  The "Washington Monuments" will surely disintegrate if these developments are allowed to continue.

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Biden Leaves Operation Warp Speed And Suggests The Scientific "New Deal"