Thursday, February 17, 2005

Smell A Rat???? (Of course you do)

Only in the Bush Administration:

Negroponte, the Iraq Ambassador, has been choosen for National Intelligence Chief.

(And this after Tenet stepped down despite his warnings about Al Queda).

(B.T.W. - was his family threatened? In his fairwell speech he said his reason for leaving on 7/11/04 was that he wanted to spend time with his high school children).

911 - ?
711-- Southland corporation


Blogger suffering with Bush said...

311 and King Phillip?

2:25 PM  
Blogger nationaldefenseparty said...

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12:11 PM  
Blogger nationaldefenseparty said...

And now the Envoy in Afghanistan is to take Negroponte's place in Iraq.

What a way to send the wrong message to the innocent Iraqis!!!!

It is unbelievable! outrageous! And over 50% of the US backed Bush again! WHY?????????

12:13 PM  

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