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Dear Editor,

We were probably all caught off guard by the recent resignation of Justice O'Connor. I am deeply disturbed by it considering our recent history with the "Election 2000", 9/11/01, and the Bush Administration. Furthermore, it has been said that the Judicial branch of government is too intimately involved in the Iraq war. To add to that, Alberto Gonzales is visiting Iraq this week!

It is shocking to see that many of the candidates are also from Texas. Texas, an energy broker, has clearly supported Bush and the invasion of an oil rich nation and now will be favored for positions on the Supreme Court. Furthermore, these candidates appear to be the "worst of all worlds" candidates. In many cases they do not support abortion and are against the Roe versus Wade decision, but they have refused to go against the Court on it. Furthermore, one of them, Justice Alito, was the lone dissenter in a case that struck DOWN a law requiring women seeking abortions to inform their husbands. While I am against abortion, a women's body is her body alone, and a husband's decision on such a matter in the context of legal abortion is not appropriate. This appears to be a perspective of spousal ownership when they refuse to go against Roe versus Wade, yet would require a woman to get husband consent for abortion. Another concern is Justice Alito's willingness to be liberal with Muslim men in the police force at the same time he holds these other conservative views. He voted to allow them to wear beards while serving as police officers when the police department policy was against it. Coincidentally, Pat Robertson even refers to the 911 terrorists as "bearded men."

We need fair representation in Washington. That should be applied to our courts as well as our legislature. President Bush should seriously consider the people he appoints to the Supreme Court on merit, not on their association with his political power base. We should all be alarmed. Supreme Court positions are for life. In a time when the Judicial Branch is being given powers in this country to the point of it being analogous to an oligarchy, the replacement of Justice O'Connor needs to be carefully considered. We may very well be replacing Justice Rehnquist's soon as well. What will this country look like with such a select few from a very small portion of this country trying to run the world? I, for one, do not want to be a party to more judicial appointments designed to shore up political power bases in Washington, particularly after the invasion of Iraq with false intelligence.


Blogger suffering with Bush said...

Other Republicans are doing the same thing. Look at this Bozo from Retro North Dakota

Sen. Kent Conrad (news, bio, voting record), D-N.D., said he was contacted Friday by White House Counsel Harriet Miers, who sought his opinion on a replacement for O'Connor.
Conrad said he told Miers he would support Attorney General Alberto Gonzales for the post, if he is nominated.

He also said he suggested the president nominate Kermit Bye, a North Dakota native who sits on the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals;_ylt=AsrfGWDXluC0AFIFGQRMWzYGw_IE

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