Thursday, November 02, 2006


nationaldefenseparty said...

It is embarrassing. The Senator from Boston, MA, aN oil addicted East Coast city known for its universities is pandering again while the Democratic party is desperately trying to unseat the republicans.

Dear Senator Kerry:

It is not the uneducated that go to Iraq, it is the "suburban", urban and rural poor. Those who cannot pay 20,000 per year for an education. Those who have a wife and children at a young age. Those who have no other place to go. Also, many signed up to fight the war on terror. Afghanistan and Al Queda did have to be dealt with in this world- and still do!- Thanks to the incompetence of G.W.B., Cheney, Rumsfeld, Foley etc.

To ignore that is just plain wrong!

Senator Kerry did apologize for a botched joke. But was it botched joke? To not question his sincerity at a time like this would be just plain wrong!


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