Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Jessie James Rides Again!!

And they ain't Ghostriders!

Not to be insensitive to Mr(?) Olson's loss during 9/11, but Paula Jones's attorney is no more qualified for heading the Justice Department than a friend of Bush who dreamed of college while selling hot dogs at Baylor!

We need a serious resume there! What is going on in there that Bush does not want the "innocent" to know about?

That Whitehouse needs to be cleaned out!;_ylt=AkTqTrgo0Erp_74jcMzmQ62s0NUE

"After 9/11/01, I mused that Bush might end up in a Martin Cruz Smith book on several of my Yahoo posts. As the "Rocky of Idiots", the Bush candidacy had a number of showy surprises. In one example with the Bush VP selection process out West. Cheney used a Wyoming residence loophole to avoid being from the same state as the presidential candidate, although he resided in Texas and had worked for Halliburton. G.W. Bush, the candidate from Texas, also addressed all of the votes for McCain, saying "It will be the Republicans that decide the nominee". There were alot of McCain votes in the primary from Democrats crossing over to try to knock Bush out. Therefore, an interesting premise for a Martin Cruz Smith allegory might be - Jessie James, his father, and some sheep steal the Whitehouse. Martin Cruz Smith's Stallion Gate, includes sheep-rearing Indian characters in New Mexico. When the Indians in the United States' West tried to raise to many sheep, the government claims to have accidentally dropped nerve gas on them." and owners.


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Well said.

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