Friday, March 11, 2011


There is one group that will be exempt from the Wisconsin Governor's union overhaul, the police. Why?

Our system seems to be on the road to becoming as corrupt as Afghanistan, our 911 rival.

Exempting the "Blue Union" from a union overhaul leads an already overbearing institution to believe they are above the rest of us. All at a time when political corruption is high and our financial institutions are crumbling from a lack of PROPER oversight.

John Sweeney, the head of the A.F.L.C.I.O. received the Presidential Medal of Freedom this year from President Obama. Was it a consolation prize?

John Sweeney pleaded with Andy Stern not to split from the A.F.L.C.I.O.. It seems as though John Sweeney is on the road to becoming the only voice of freedom for the majority of people. An outcome that he surely did not plan, but one that the Republicans have forced on him with a "re-districting plan" that is sure to have consequences for many Americans, particularly those not represented and controlled by unions.

Again, it is as though Saul Alinsky (author of Rules for Radicals) designed the Tea Party for Obama.

What will Obama and Andy Stern do about it? Will the SEIU fuse with the Blue Union? There is a reason for concern now as our private institutions have shown terrible weaknesses and our government refuses to provide proper oversight.


Blogger Richard said...

Andy Stern left the SEIU 85 million dollars in debt and joined Obama's deficit team.

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