Saturday, September 05, 2015

Clinton follows Kerry's 2004 Lead

John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, with Barak Obama and George Bush

It is hard to imagine that Hillary Clinton, the wife of an ex-president that would have been able to
stop the 9/11 attack, would make a mistake with a private e-mail server account without some
other need or knowledge.

Perhaps she wanted some privacy from  White House surveillance of her private business?   
What about the rest of us and the bulk collection of information that Snowden revealed?  Is the Obama administration a known peep? Legally or Not???  Is his machine out to destroy others, not help others?  Is it racist?  Did Clinton know that, and know that she needed an account separate from the White House?  What is happening to the bulk collected data?  It looks like it is being used against Americans to us.

(Or worse yet, the Obama administration's foreign goals made her job as Secretary of State too difficult, and Kerry took over).

John Kerry never made a visit to his position on the security committee either. Maybe he was aware of it as a waste of time, with Bush and Cheney friends of the Saudis?

Kerry is getting an Iran deal.  But nothing on fixing the ISIS problem, except that Russia has been warned not to help Assad in Syria.   And as Freeman Dyson says in his book Dreams of Earth and Sky, solving the Global Warming problem would cost us what the Iraq War cost us.  Great, it's spent on Iraq.  Who will solve Global Warming?  It won't be the South Pacific Islands.

Have you got Obamacare with Homeland Security clearance? He wants you to have them both for some reason - guess why.

They can't control drugs, weapons, the Secret Service, the FBI, or the police!
What does it look like to you? It looks like a big loss for the voters again and another White House Party.


Blogger nationaldefenseparty said...

Clinton's response to being admonished about her improper E-mail set up by an inquiry (May 25, 2016) is that her "set up" was the standard used by other senior officials in the White House.

The privileged sought protection from the White House, the SEIU, and/or Andy Stern using there E-mail communications for political purposes?

Clearly, terrorism is not the only issue they are concerned with, or they would have used the White House E-mail System!

4:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And then Obama wanted Apple to unlock iphones for their personal snooping. It was well known the proper agencies had the technology to do so. They just wanted it open for political purposes, no doubt.

8:43 AM  

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