Monday, August 14, 2017

The Violence of Charlottesville Must Pass (Soon!)

It is the politics of the divisivness of both Bush and Obama that are causing the current clashes over nothing but the meetings of the rag tag fringe groups of American white supremacists and their counterparts of the SEIU Rainbow Coalitions. Both groups apparently have too much time on their hands to gather.

Trump is clearly anti-National Socialism in is politics.  He is anti-globalization. He is a resident of one of the most functional progressive cities in the world, New York City.  And he has Jews and Jewish converts in his family.

It was the Muslims that teamed up with Hitler in forming the Aryan race against the Jews.  It is now an alliance of the Sunni and Shiite factions that is attempting to take over the world with the current politics of globalization.... More National Socialism!

Charging in cars and using flamethrowers will only kill the powerless.  Rhetoric and obscenity is tiring as well.  This will pass!

"I heard Woodrow Wilson's Guns"
Warren Zevon's "Veracruz" on  Excitable Boy"

And then there is always: "Strength and muscle and jungle work".
"Jungle Work" on Bad Luck Streak at Dancing School


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