Friday, May 12, 2023

Boy You Better Never Fail

New York City's Mission Play is apparently going to play out. The New York that Donald Trump helped build may soon come to an end.  Donald Trump shined in the AIDS and the COVID19 epidemics.  The COVID19 epidemic may have been his nemesis.

But the pill has been here some time now and abortion is back in the Supreme Court of the United States.  We can thank one man for that, Donald Trump.  Politics for law is inflammatory by nature.  Morality is never easy.

 It is those people who foster transitions in  society.
The author of The End of The American Era
Charles Kupchan. 

 It is doubtful that  President Trump will appear on NBC's Night Court.


                                           "Boy you better never fail

Just keep'a your hands upon that throttle 

And your eyes on the rail"

"Life is Like A Mountain's Railroad"

Mr.Horn, 1979



Saturday, April 22, 2023

The "Tail" Tries To Wag Intelligence



George Mason University, together with the American Association of  Science hosted a webinar on Zoom entitled: "Webinar: AI and the Rise of Digital Repression", webinar ID 985 6436 1872.  

This webinar presented the political distribution of governments that used artificial intelligence to monitor their citizens.  It had little interest in the types of artificial intelligence that were being used on citizens and it was often biased toward using this controversial subject to promote its progressive and liberal policies.  Just one example, and there were many including an unwillingness to answer questions that my expose their left-leanings, the speaker had an answer for the use of cameras for safety and crime.  He said that the answer was that "cameras don't decrease the rate of crime".  He did not care to address any issues, such as the creation of general "safe zones" with cameras.  

The left seeks to steal from the right.  The tail wishes to "Wag the Dog" but it is not fit.

Abortion: It Has Been A Morality Issue, Not a Drug Issue



The supreme court overruled Roe Versus Wade because it questioned the right of a woman to decide on the life of a conceived child.  They did not suggest that the FDA could not regulate drug safety.

A Texas judge, simply looking for power, questioned the FDA's determination of Mifepristone's overall safety.  The southern conservative has rubbed salt on the would of many. 

 The right has finally delivered a moral ruling on abortion.  This occurred simply because of one man, Donald Trump.  That should not be forgotten, irregardless of the carelessness of his support of his followers in Washington DC, and his improper handling of business matters, especially after the COVID19 pandemic.  




Thursday, March 30, 2023

Liberals Despite Neocon Friends Blame School Shootings and Mass Shootings on Particular Firearms


An anything goes coalition, using a rainbow rather than a "brown spot" is empowering the state into anarchy with deviant needs trumping the needs of the majority.  And now the Taliban has to protect the Afghan people. "Guns don't kill people, people kill people."

"People go to war to ensure their way of life"

-Wag The Dog



Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Berkey Hall Shootings


It remains to be determined what the motive was in slaughtering innocent ambitious students at the land grant gem, Michigan State University, MSU.  But Berkey hall has been known for political science and cultural studies for many years.  My political science course, "Global Politics" was in that building.  And Berkey Hall has had many distinguished visitors. But sadly, the building is highly accessible, at the north end of campus almost on 43, Grand River Avenue.  Once again, there is loss of life and shame at the taking of fine innocent lives.  As they say, people kill, guns don't kill.


Maybe Nikki Haley will straighten this out.  She seems needed.  Even most Afghans agree.


-MSU Alumnus

Thursday, February 09, 2023



Tyre Nichols was stopped by police, never told why he was being stopped, was Tased by those cops, and then beaten to death in front of supervising cameras.  What were those animals thinking?, Blade Runner 2049?

Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Addicted To Classified Information and Vaping Behind The Iron Curtain

 The "Party" continues.  It was certainly good luck for Brittney Griner to get out of a Russian labor camp.  But what was she thinking?  It seemed that she would live out the rest of her natural life there.  Can you imagine the drug "vaping" headlines in Russia? It destroyed the lungs of children here!  And she was taking hash oil that could be "vaped" with her to visit her old team!  She did wrong, that is all there is to it.  And then President Biden got her out by exchanging her in a prisoner swap for a notorious arms dealer in one of our prisons convicted of conspiring against the United States.  Biden must have known that he was actually saving Ms. Griner's life to make this swap!  Perhaps he's addicted to "confidential" information.  We may find out soon.

Wednesday, November 09, 2022

Republicans Delivered, But At Such A Huge Cost

Finally Roe Vs. Wade has been overturned.  But election denial fraud marred the victory on human rights.  However, Democrats ignored the majority opinion in establishing Obamacare as it was implemented.  Despite the social upheaval of women's rights and the election 2020 results denial scandal, the Republicans have taken back the House.  The Senate was won by abortion rights and fracking, evil prevailed with the Democrats  A larger mandate may have protected us from disasters that may evolve from the Democrats' disastrous economic and environmental policies and the scandalous policies in some overseas arenas.

The Republicans have handed us some victories, and the Democrats sold themselves to the devil to win anything.  

Perhaps the Supreme Court will soon overturn Obamacare, as a tax and a dangerous policy of allowing simply medical school graduates to dictate democratic thinking and policy making.  Let us hope that does not take 40 years.  Too many died in nursing homes over the last couple of years, all from politicians sending them back to poor medical environments.

And Democrats pandering for cheap oil for overseas and more fracking will not aid our Earth's environment.  Rapid change is needed, and the Democrats have slowed corrections.