Monday, March 10, 2008


McCain wants the Neocon votes and to promote their agenda, as Bush did, we presume. But he seeks to call them "Reagan Democrats".

Who is in the White House? --- A Neocon? A Republican? A Reagan Democrat? or a Texas politician?

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


To see one candidate win small states and the other large states reminds one of the disturbing polarity of the Bush election. Are we still seeing the spirit of the Neocon movement? Who is picking these bizarre electorate winners? It appears to be a handful of people influenced by the Neocon movement.

Rural vs. Urban people? Why? Do rural people think that one candiate will help them and urban the other? Has the Red and Blue map turned into a Salmon and Maroon map?

Hopefully this trend is not to be explained as an attempt on the demise of the urban male inteligensia by wings of the Oranges.

Have the "Royal Neocon Grand Blancs" created a new type of "urban Petite Rouge" to be tore at by Salmon and Maroons?

Do the Neocons have the Book Stores under scrutiny for their agenda?