Sunday, April 12, 2009

NeoLib Cons -2: "Excellence through education"

The wealthy and/or connected have again preyed on the weak and disenfranchised.

Notre Dame has invited President Obama to give the commencement speech and accept an honorary degree. Yet, the very political machine the Obama administration used to come to power, much of it based in Chicago, IL, just thirty miles from Notre Dame, is used to promote homosexuality as well as the neoconservative agenda for the promotion of minorities. It is noble to enlist in a project to help minorities; however, when it comes solely at the expense of perceived competitors in your own "background" it is simply convenient, hypocrisy and greed.

>>>>"THERE is turmoil in South Bend, Ind. — and around the
>>>>country. The Rev. John Jenkins, the president of Notre
>>>>Dame, has invited President Obama to deliver the
>>>>commencement address at the university on May 17 and
>>>>to receive an honorary

>>>>"Priests, bishops, archbishops and cardinals have
>>>>criticized the university and
>>>>its president. South Bend's own bishop, John
>>>>D'Arcy, has announced that he will not attend."

>>>>"Father Jenkins also overstates the case when he
>>>>says that the president is coming to Notre Dame
>>>>to further "positive engagement"


The "positive engagement" that Father Jenkins is referring to, is the promotion of at least part of the Neocon agenda. The promotion of minority, particularly black, interests in this country at the expense of another race, whites. All whites. Most importantly for Father Jenkins, versus others in the Catholic administration, whites that do not attend schools like Notre Dame that cost in excess of $25,000 per year. Therefore, he would like to bestow an honory degree to this man from the Neo machine who has who has attended the same elite schools, and especially one who as been successful in achieving the Presidency with the help of the Chicago political machine. All of this in the face of the fact that he is adamantly opposed to their religious views on life!

A word of warning: The "master race" lies behind ivory towers. This politics is precisely what leads to the disenfranchisment of those that do not attend the schools of the enfranchised and wealthy. Even Superior court Judge Roberts has expressed a concern about the tendency to base decisions on race.

How history repeats in modern politics. This too occurred in Nazi Germany. On the Night of Long Knives, Hitler and the SS murdered the leaders of the German SA. The SA was an organization of the working class that helped Hitler in his early days. The SS consisted of elitist people educated from Catholic schools who refused to take any orders from SA members. To appease his new friends in the military, Hitler had the SA eliminated in the Night of Long Knives on June 30, 1934. It was not until November 9, 1938, long after the elimination of the SA, that Kristallnacht occurred. The Nazi's, now rid of their SA "trash" looted stores, burned synagogues, and killed Jews.

What we see occurring at the Mexican-American border today is probably a result of this elitist attitude as well. Arms shipped to Mexico are fueling drug violence against a population consisting largely poor Catholics. It is interesting to see an association of the US exported drug violence with a region of the hemisphere that is liberal on homosexuality. In fact, as liberal as California. Is the illegal drug trade in Mexico linked? Is this homosexuality helping to fuel this violence? The dead "Girls of Juarez of 1994-5 have become the boys murdered in Juarez. And many Mexican Catholics have begun to worship the "Angel of Death", Santa Muerta, hoping only for a good death.

HYPOTHESIS: Illegal drug sales from Ciudad Juarez to El Paso, TX associated with homosexual violence are fueling the up-tick in violence among the poor of Juarez and Mexico's border.

"this must be stressed"
2666 by Roberto Bolaño, pg 650

"This must be stressed. When I say dance, you best dance"
Violent Femmes (Decades of Disorganized Music).

, motion picture about four businessmen who go hunting in the deep woods and encounter the area's violent residents.
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Note: In the James Dickey Book, Deliverance, they were Homosexual rapists: Billy McKinney (Mountain man) and Herbert "Cowboy" Coward (Toothless man)

"I am your mother"
Violent Cross-dresser in an SNL skit 4.11.2009