Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Seniors have joined the Neo-Nihilists

The age group that seems to be loosing respect the fastest seems to be the age group that is over 65. The recent (7.28.2009) town hall meeting that Obama had with the AARP was almost a roast of seniors.

But perhaps there is hope for respect for them. They may be thinking of joining the neo-nihilists, as they are now the age group that has the fastest growing credit card debt in America.

I think we all need to be a little more respectful of a number of things.

Most Taliban Funding Comes from Oil Countries

not the Heroin trade. According to Richard Holbrooke, the U.S. Special Envoy to the region, most funding for the Taliban comes from the Gulf States (countries).

Heroin + Oil lead to alot of support for the Taliban.

"He didn't identify the countries where the sympathizers were donating from, but nations located on the Persian Gulf include Iran, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Iraq."


U.S. Addictions: Oil and Drugs and we can't select a commander and chief who will not address or deny his drug use! THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE. Again, our task is daunting.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Obama wants "Race to the Top"

Would this happen to be a reference to Frantz Fanon?

Jose Vasoncelos?


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cambridge Professor Soon To Join Meharry Faculty?

---->Michael Jackson's doctor trained at Meharry Medical College, a predominantly black school in Tennessee. He is based in Las Vegas, but he has offices in Houston, Texas and Los Angeles too. Perhaps that is why a representative from Houston, who spoke at Michael Jackson's public funeral, was rebuffed on her request to immortalize Jackson in the Congress.

The W.E.B.Dubois professor of Cambridge may soon be moving to a traditionally black university as well. It is unlikely that a Sargent of the Cambridge police acted inappropriatly at a house breakin-in in Cambridge. The Police Sargent was only doing his job. He took a risk, entering a house that appeared to be broken into and he warned Professor Gates about his repeated beligerance before hand-cuffing him.

The continued complaining by this professor makes this look staged to benefit his professorship.

He's making French look bad. What ever happened to Ebonics anyway?

If this officer was in line, Obama will look stupid. Just as stupid as he does with a cigarette in his hand promoting an obese black Surgeon General candidate who is known for a family that dies from diseases that could have been prevented. HELLO - Has she ever heard of diabetes?

Monday, July 20, 2009

Kim Jong is Ill and is Clinton is a fool???

Unruly children with Pancreatic Cancer and Atomic Bombs do not mix in this Post Modern World!,

Is Clinton Hoping that North Korea will bomb the world out of a depression?

Clinton likens North Korea to unruly children

Thursday, July 16, 2009

If she doesn't like Southerners - she is an intuitive genius

Sotomayor would not finish No Sir during her response to SENATOR Grahmn.

But if No S' means "you're no sir" because he is a white male, there is a problem here.

There is nothing wrong with establishing the Honorable Sotomayor's views on race and affirmative action because ofher recent record. Since her ruling was not upheld in a case where White men scored better on an exam than minorities, it needs to be examined. But perhaps her temperment does not. It would thrilling to find out that that she meant, "you're no sir" because you do not understand our agenda here when you make remarks about "liking me", and that is because you are Southern. (thanks for the vote [sic]).

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Neo-Nihilist Party: Bush and Obama Sittin' in D.C.

1. Cure for prescription drug abuse: Mandatory support of the "new" healthcare system, BY LAW!
>>>>>>>>> Don't fight with us, just pay us.

2. Cure for global warming: Government-sponsored bailout of the world wide automobile industry.
>>>>>>>>>Global warming is for everyone.

3. Cure for exhausted corporate bonus funds: Government-sponsored bailout of financial companies with bad application screening processes so that aquisitions can be made at a bargain rate. Then profits can dictate more bonuses.
>>>>>>>>>Thanks Mac

4. Cure for the depletion of our fisheries and stricter Alaskan coastal fishing limits: The resignation of the Governor of Alaska so that she can return to fishing.
>>>>>>>>>Support the Governor's lifestyle, buy a tin of fish.

5. Cure for over-population by immigration in Arizona: portable inter-state healthcare.
>>>>>>>>>If we can't get their "interest" and late payments, go and get their food and water.

6. Cure for terrorist training camps: suppress individual rights.

7. Answer to arms escalation: Missle shields
>>>>>>>Even missle shields cannot protect NATO from mighty
>>>>>>No Hand Shakes Please!

Do you see a pattern here? ----- How about Nihilism?

Only the anti-globalists are sane.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Phoenix Rising: Look out America

McCain has a new Halliburton and Palin resigns as Governor of Alaska. Now that the election is lost, Phoenix refinancing and credit collectors can't count on him. Instead - he wants people to have portable healthcare so that they can freely change states. Those Neocons will not be happy until they have colonized every square inch of this continent with new blood! And they like new blood, ask anyone in Iraq or near one of their private universities in America. The local populations left the urban centers surrounding the private universities many years ago, now they may have leave areas surrounding neoconservatives too. What then?- Intercontinental Health Care?

Intercontinental Health Care? Can we START talks about SALT now? Most of us do not want to live on the moon.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Obama had a cigarette in his hand during the campaign

Another Neo-Con?

Opinion: What does Obama Have in Common With Joe Camel?
By Paul Solomon.

What are the young people to think?

He also prefers to talk to the Russian President, Medevev, as he promotes the change Obama likes. But the Prime Minister, Putin, is believed to hold the reigns.

Obama is beginning to remind us of L.B.J.. Legislation, and no results. Let's hope we all don't have to take the Chicago Neocon burden on too. Because the Second City sure can't do accounting. And let's hope he doesn't have a "Robert McNamara" in the wings.

They seem to be prefering the world scene: Tin Soldiers and Who's coming to your home?

They can now talk freely

Robert McNamara is dead.

"In order to do good, it is necessary to do evil.
But you must minimize it."
-Robert McNamara. Ford Executive and Secretary of Defense under LBJ.

"We burned to death 100,000 Japanese civilians in Tokyo — men, women and children," Mr. McNamara recalled; some 900,000 Japanese civilians died in all. "LeMay said, 'If we'd lost the war, we'd all have been prosecuted as war criminals.' And I think he's right. He — and I'd say I — were behaving as war criminals."
"What makes it immoral if you lose and not immoral if you win?" he asked. He found the question impossible to answer.


Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Save Your Money. Liberal Facism is another Con

Liberal Facism
by Jonah Goldberg

Jonah Goldberg is the Washington correspondent for a Southwestern newspaper, the LA Times. The Southwestern interests are clear; he is clearly pro-Bush and at the same time he is anti-French. Furthermore, his rantings clearly contradict the facts. He does not believe that Mussolini had anything to do with anti-semitism in the holocost, yet claims that the French eagerly cooperated with the Nazi deportation program.

Goldberg has the gall to say that the Italians protected the Jews while the French eargerly cooperated with the Nazis. (pg 17). But on page 25 he describes the expulsion of Jews from the Italian Facist Party before Hitler invaded. They then sent them to death camps after Hitler invaded Italy in 1942. Yet, in contrast, the French were invaded and defeated by the Germans in 1940! It was the Germans that the Allies met at Normandy on D-day for CHR%@ST's sake. Furthermore, many in the Vichy (Government of defeated France) did everything possible to save lives from Germans. Admittedly, there were exceptions. The most significant exception was Laval, who was placed in government offices because of the demands of the Germans. After the war, he was tried and executed in Fresnes Prison.

Liberal Facism is a book that describes the manipulation of the thinking of the masses for the benefit of a few. Goldberg even uses this podium to suggest that many beliefs of a significant number of people are the result of mass delusion. An example of this, he suggests is the fact that 1/3 of Americans believe that the 9/11 terrorist acts were the result, in part, of the failures of the United States government. Furthermore, he promotes the French Revolution as the founder of Facism, yet blames it on their anti-religious (Catholic) program, rather than a program of appropriation of property to the "free". He further claims that Nationalism itself is a liberal concept, away from religion. Perhaps that is currently so, but to distance oneself away from those that consider themselves the "chosen people", such as the Jews, or the dualists of Protestantism is not inappropriate for non-believers, even if some would consider that rhetoric.

I prefer a new definition of left and right, one not based on the seating arrangements in the French Assembly.

>>>>>>>>Extreme Left - Nothing is mine
>>>>>>>>Left-Center, it's not mine until proven other wise
>>>>>>>>Right center - it's mine until proven other wise
>>>>>>>>Extreme right - it's all mine.

>>>>>>>>Facism: The Third Way - "give it all to us".
>>>>>>>>It uses the left to benefit the few, just as the Amei-
>>>>>>>>can neoconservative movement does.

"Third Ways" of thinking are dangerous to those outside of the rhetoric. Hitler used every group he could to get his way, a "Third Way". He used a Lutheran who wanted to convert Catholics, he used the SA working party to come to power, and he used the Catholic educated SS to eliminate the SA workers.

In many ways Liberal Facism can be labeled an "anti-Franc Gold-Kampf". It is probably the best example of Liberal Facism to include the neoconservatives of the Southwest to be placed in writing. Not right or left, but his third way - A Southwestern desert way. It is not Rousseau's way nor was it Lavoisier's way.

Save your money, don't buy this rhetoric.