Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Neo Leaders: Change to Account For

Something from a Saul Alinsky Playbook:

Bush's Mandate: The "Haves" are my constituency.

Turn "Have nots" into "Have a little want mores".

Methods: National Security failures, Enron failure, Wall Street Bank Failures, AIG failure, Mortgage Failures, WMD-based war with no WMDs, and he took the oil and tax money back to his rock.

Obama's Mandate: "Private makes perfect"


Walk on the "Have-nots".
They're so stupid they have to be told what they want, but they'll vote for "me" for change".

Furthermore, the "Have a little want mores" are the most vulnerable and the most lucrative for changing the condition of the Have-nots.

But it is the "Have a Little"'s that can't afford to pay for everything like their own housing with extra perks like private health insurance. While the "have nots" are subsidized for subsistance.

Obama methods: Bailout the banks that have the retirement accounts of the "Haves", Bailout the Mortage losses for the "Haves", Force the "Have a littles" to reduce the cost of private medical insurance of the "Haves".

Mixing pills is too tempting for them. It looks like we're being hit by a B.U.S. full of the S.D.S, (who also are known to not know what they want). The University of Chicago area is alot like the area around Columbia University. And he does use the example of being hit by a bus alot when talking about healthcare reform.

Al Queda says that Obama will be defeated by a Muslim nation? The Nation of Islam? - Unlikely...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Neo Globalization Doctrine:

Are we being forced to take both the Red and the Blue Pill?

Bush: 9/11/01 and the Iraq war squashed the world-wide anti-globalization movement.

Obama: A healthcare initiative to assimilate everyone into an international culture of a medical care initiative.

Here's what the lower class now has to finance:

1. Bail out of failing Retirement Accounts
2. Bail out of failing Mortgage bankers
3. Cash for Clunkers
4. Mandatory Healthcare Coverage for the Lower Class to Reduce Health Costs (?????). Will American Indians be included?
5. Oil profits AND Iraq war money that Bush took home to Texas with him.

Where will they come up with it?

Commodification of the ambitious?

Casinos are voluntary, at least so far. But the contribution of gambling to affordable colleges was mandated without student representation as well.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>"Each of us is a Patriot"
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>President Barak Obama 9.20.2009