Thursday, February 04, 2010

Bush Peeks at Crack in Obama's Whitehouse

Has the Chicago political machine bitten off "more than it can chew"?

1. A person with known ties to Al Queda, a suspected terrorist that the FBI had been specifically warned about, was allowed to board a plane headed for Detroit, Michigan on Christmas Day, 2009. That would be "underwear bomber" simply failed to ignite his bomb on the XMAS 2009 flight, sparing the lives aboard the plane.

"We're in big trouble if someone invents exploding pants"
Kurt Vonnegut. 2005. A Man Without a Country.

2. The Senate has been told since, that they mayexpect an attempt at a terrorist act in the United States within 6 months. Are they joking with us? It isn't funny.

3. Scott Brown, an ex-Cosmopolitan magazine centerfold, won the coveted Massachusetts Senate seat of the late Edward Kennedy in January 2010. Obama said that Scott Brown rode the same wave into office that he did: People looking for change. Is the Obama Whitehouse in denial?

4. On 2.4.2010, after a year of battling for a fast fix of the healthcare system, Obama told his political organization, "Organizing for America", that we should take our time on healthcare reform. Obama said that letting some time pass before calling for a vote also will allow "everybody to get the real facts."

Andy Stern of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) called a failure at healthcare reform a "Waterloo" for Obama. As described in Stern's book, A Country that Works, the SEIU uses the organizing model of Saul Alinsky of Chicago and "Yes, We Can" is also their motto. Saul Alinsky was a friend of Lyndon Baines Johnson, as well as a drinking companion of members of the Al Capone gang. It was Alinsky-like techniques that led to the death of the students at Kent State University in May of 1970. The SEIU split from the AFL-CIO was aided by groups such as the Teamsters. It is alarming that during the 2010 State of the Union Address Obama specifically said that he "DID NOT get involved in healthcare reform for political reasons". Is it possible to call the President of the United States a liar?

Was there a Gentleman's Agreement between Stern and Obama? Would we be having any of this discussion if the underwear bomber had succeeded or Massachusetts went with Coakley?