Saturday, August 14, 2010

An Atheist Center At Ground Zero Would Seem To Be the Most Appropriate

If there is anything that 9/11, Afghanistan, and Iraq has taught us, it is that the godheads kill the innocent. A more appropriate learning center to place in a high profile area like "Ground Zero", would be an Atheist learning center. There, a center devoted to explaining Atheism to the world, the fastest growing belief in America, may be a more appropriate and reflective institution.

Atheists are diverse. They range from pious religion-averting individuals, to humanists such as Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. and Isaac Asimov, to some of those described by Richard Dawkins in his "God Delusion". Therefore, understanding atheism, enough to embrace it, requires some study. An Atheist learning center would provide such an opportunity.

A mosque, such as that endorsed by leaders with Christian and Jewish backgrounds, such as President Obama and New York City Mayor Bloomberg, must be looked upon with suspicion. A mosque at ground zero is only likely to stir emotions, supporting division amongst Americans with a religious zeal. We have had one civil war here, we don't need another dedicated to the freedom of only a select group of godheads.

It was a radical branch of Islam that destroyed the towers of the World Trade Center, killing 3,000 people. It is easy to consider one's own as "the chosen people" when it gets one to greener grass. And martyrs are easy to come by in Afghanistan and Pakistan. An Atheist learning center would seem more appropriate for that site. It is the only hope of stopping the cycle of the use of religious zeal against others. But who will pay for it? It is doubtful that members of the Tea Party can be hit up. Perhaps some money from the "Carbon Tax" can be appropriated.