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"What bad - what incredibly bad! luck that the final report went off, just after the very worst period in human history". 3001. The Final Odyssey. 1997. Arthur C. Clarke pp 208.

Jupiter and the Moon, 9/22/2010, the beginning of Fall.

In 2010, The Year We Make Contact, a University of Chicago researcher, Dr. Chandra, is called upon to reactivate the HAL 9000 computer, "HAL", on board the lost Discovery space ship that is in a degenerating orbit around Io. Another monolith is found at the point where the gravity of Europa and Jupiter cancel each other out, the Langranian point. When HAL is reactivated and Dr. Floyd is interviewing the computer, the long deceased commander of Discovery, Dave Bowman, appears and warns him that his ship, the Leonov, must leave the vicinity of Jupiter in 2 days. When asked why, he said "something is going to happen, something wonderful". Upon leaving Jupiter, the Leonov Spaceship barely escapes the ignition of Jupiter into a second sun, now called "Lucifer", presumably replacing Venus as Lucifer.

"Let the Sun shine in"
Hair, and performed by Anti-Gravity at the Obama Inaugural Ball.

In 2010, the Obama administration passed a health care reform package, dubbed "Obamacare", legislature that is deeply unpopular and threatens to throw much of the population out of employment. Obamacare decreases funding for Medicare while increasing the funding for Medicaid. It also forces individuals to obtain health insurance, thereby increasing the burden of medical care to individuals and the economy. In 2010, Obama also initiated an overhaul of education in our system, in what his administration describes as an initiative to increase the number of college graduates. His plan is to strengthen community colleges and make cuts to the student loan programs which help students attend four year colleges and research universities.

"Don't be sad, because it has happened".

-Andy Stern, upon his resignation as President of the Service Employees International Union, SEIU

What has happened? Is it only a science fiction coincidence that Jupiter is recently at it's closest point to Earth since 1963? It also shares the same sky with Uranus this year. It is certainly no coincidence that Arthur C. Clarke named his second book in the Odyssey series, 2010, the year that Jupiter is at its closest to earth since 1963. Since his first book, 2001. A Space Odyssey, was conceived with Stanley Kubrick in the 1960s. But has the "organization" model utilized by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), been used to create a concurrent political Lucifer?

The health care reform package promoted by the Obama administration was heavily supported by the SEIU, a union that represents janitors in New Jersey, security guards, urban day care centers, home care providers, and some nurses. A review of the politics of Obamacare has been published previously (1, 2, 3).

Their union stands to gain from the increase in Medicaid funding associated with a concomitant decrease in Medicare funding in Obamacare. Their union also stands to gain from moving support away from student loan programs and increasing support for community colleges. Most community college students are employed, and many are members of unions like the SEIU.

Obama recently declared that in one decade the United States has moved from first in the number of college graduates to ninth. Therefore, his initiative has been designed to increase the number of "graduates". He is doing this by increasing the funding of our weakest institutions, the community colleges. Traditionally, community colleges are financially supported by local communities and provide certificates, diplomas, and associate degrees in areas important to the local community. What the world needs now, however, is new expertise and thinking; new jobs not just job training. This is a time when developing alternative energy sources, like solar and fusion, is imperative. A time when we need to solve problems associated with climate change. Simply put, neo-liberal nationalism is not the answer to today's problems.

So why does Obama want to support community colleges and decrease guaranteed student loans to universities of higher education? The answer is clearly politics. The majority of voters do not obtain degrees from universities. Furthermore, many republican voters are choosing Democrats this year over the nominated Tea Party Candidates.

How is it that those with minority interests in something like Obamacare can achieve political power to the detriment of others, and possible the whole? Has a mutant taken control of our politics much like the "Mule" in Isaac Asimov's science fiction book, Second Foundation? Perhaps it is also possible that a coalition is trying to ride brooms and encircle the rest of us with spells, all with the endorsement of the wealthy. This political carnival of 2010 gets even better if one is aware of the fact that the The Hammer of Witches, written by a radical Dominican Friar, Heinrich Kramer, was denounced by the Inquisition in 1490. The Dominican friars, who also supervised the Inquisition, are an order that takes a vow of poverty. The "prey" of this coalition are apparently those that do not have union support or the support of the privileged such as private schools. Perhaps they are attempting to brand the disenfranchised here as "witch-burners". Strangely, there is one political trick they seem to have gotten over: the guillotine.

"Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history... the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer. "
-From the opening of Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals.

The "organization model" utilized by the SEIU was created by a Chicago organizer, Saul Alinsky, and used in the United States for community organization from 1930s to the 1970s. A graduate of the University of Chicago, Alinsky also claimed that he came from humble origins. The veracity of this claim, however, is questioned as is described in Samuel D. Horwitt's book, Let Them Call Me Rebel.
Alinsky was also a former mentor of Hillary Clinton and a friend of Lyndon Baines Johnson as well as members of the Al Capone gang, and he had the unprecedented support of the Catholic church, while he maintained his Jewish faith.

Saul Alinsky's organization methods were published in 1971 as Rules for Radicals: A Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Radicals. This manual describes his "organization" model which utilizes the relationships of the "Haves", the "Have-Nots", and the "Have-a-Little-Want Mores" to obtain upward mobility of the "Have-Nots". Saul Alinsky preferred to work within the system to initiate "change", saying it was even necessary to convince people to join the crusade. Saul Alinsky also claimed that it was "political pornography" to assume that change could be made without providing something desired for those in power. He also suggested that organizers should target those that they know that they can defeat. This includes the politically weak. His techniques of civil disobedience were used successfully in Rochester, New York to obtain more benefits for minorities at Kodak. However, the use of similar techniques by those at Kent State University in Ohio became deadly in 1970. Saul Alinsky died in 1972 in San Francisco, California.

"Ill fares the land, to hastening ills a prey,
Where wealth accumulates, and men decay:
Princes and lords may flourish, or may fade;
A breath can make them, as a breath has made;
But a bold peasantry, their country's pride,
When once destroyed can never be supplied."
The Deserted Village. Oliver Goldsmith.
Mentioned in Forward the Foundation. 1993. Isaac Asimov. pg 418. (Bantum 1994).

Purple is the color one gets when one mixes red with blue. Red, the color used to depict Republicans and Blue, the color used to depict Democrats. Neo-politicians began in Chicago, specifically at the University of Chicago, with the neoconservative movement. The neoconservative movement was created to promote minorities using shifts in voters between the parties. It was felt that in order to boost minorities, some of the Democratic party would have to shift to the right in a "political conspiracy" to promote their agenda. These methods, however appear to have become a pestilence that has involved most of today's American politics.

The Obama 2008 presidential campaign used the slogan of the "Purple Union"
or the SEIU, during its campaign: "Yes, We Can" or "Si, Se Pueda". Furthermore, one can even see the ghost of Saul Alinsky in the current Tea Party organization. It is as if Saul Alinsky personally organized the Tea Party to provide support for Obama. And even the Republican Party has withdrawn support for Delaware's Republican Nominee, Christine O'Donnell. Furthermore, Republican voters are opting to vote for Democrats this year. The SEIU has even been dubbed the "Secret Purple Society."

Purple is not only a that color one gets when blue and red are mixed. The Gay and Lesbian Society Against Defamation suggest that "purple represents the "spirit" in the rainbow flag and that wearing it shows support for those harassed by anti-gay sentiment. The new President of the SEIU, Mary Kay Henry claims to be both Roman Catholic and a lesbian, despite the Pope's stance on homosexuality. This president was hand picked, behind closed doors, in meetings between Andy Stern and several other SEIU leaders, before Andy Stern resigned from the presidency two years before his tenure was up.

Andy Stern, a Research Fellow at the Catholic-supported Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. is now under investigation by the FBI for payments he authorized to an individual now involved in a fraud conspiracy. He is under investigation for paying the salary of someone under contract that performed no work. He is also being questioned about $175,000 that he personally pocketed for a book, A Country That Works, the production of which may have used SEIU resources.

Other labor officials are also concerned about the tactics used by the SEIU. Former SEIU official Sal Roselli accuses Stern of virtually destroying democracy. Furthermore, some nursing organizations will not join the SEIU because of their methods. They are also accused of strong arm tactics. For example, voting by members of the SEIU is not done by secret ballots in the SEIU. Their votes are there for all members to view, exposing individuals to intimidation. It was Mary Kay Henry that developed the method for this type of union voting called the "Card Check method".

Political alliances like these are not unique to the SEIU. In fact, they have been used in America frequently. For example, the Vanderbilts, a Staten Island Dutch family, created an empire in transportation by providing a railroad to the San Francisco Gold Rush. They were also known for traveling in their boat, "The North Star" to ports that might get them invited to meet with Royalty, consumers of Gold. In a similar regard, Andy Stern was the number one visitor to the Obama White House in 2009. His union created by a "change to win" coalition that included the Teamsters Union, is now poised to become an organizer for the White House, health care providers, health insurers, and education.

There is, of course, nothing funny about associating the development of the atomic bomb at the University of Chicago, with Enola Gay, the name given to the bomber aircraft that dropped atomic bombs on cities in Japan. And it is incredible that the mad man, Aldolf Hitler used the similar organization technique of targeting groups that he knew that he could defeat in his rise to political power. But it needs to be said.

Purple is also the color of royalty, it was a color first traded by the Phoenicians. Interestingly, Phoenix, the tutor of Achilles, was a Phoenecian as well. Phoenix is also mentioned in Arthur C. Clarke's 2010. The Year We Make Contact. This is of special interest when one considers that Obama now has moved into his education initiative, which could be aptly dubbed "Obamacation."
Achilles had a fatal weakness that resulted from the making of his armor, hence from where the phrase "Achilles heel" came from.
Do they want control of Achilles? Is it a birth right only to be able avoid a "heel injury", needing to be a minority, rich, or gay?

"This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius"...
"Let the Sun shine in"
"Aquarius", The Fifth Dimension.

The age of Aquarius is 600 years off. There are problems so significant to be solved, that if they are not, society as we know it will most likely not exist to see it. Prior to the nineteenth century, more was required of artists than of scientists. That changed in the nineteenth century when man began transforming the natural world for his use. The twentieth century then became known for the turbulent politics created by this change in perspective. What will the twenty first century be known for, royalty and politicians?

In his farewell address that can be found on the internet, Arthur C. Clarke said that he most wanted to be remembered as a writer. But he does mention the movie "Ship of Fools" several times in 2061. The Third Odyssey.

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A drug-free political party!