Monday, September 16, 2013

FEED THE PIGS: We are all going to be taxed out of our homes, to fund the organizers that feed the 1%.

FEED THE PIGS: We are all going to be taxed out of our homes, to fund the "organizers" that feed the 1%.

     Once again, a political coalition has formed to point a finger at the 1%.  While there is no question that the 1% has profited grotesquely in this country, there is also no question that they are funding the politicians who yell 99% while greater than 10% remain unemployed, under-employed, and taxed by an impending healthcare payment enforcement act.

     Support for labor movements has waned recently, largely because of their support of the Obama healthcare tax and perverse politics, and now they are scrambling to refill their coffers.  Here is a quote from an article by Mark Gruenberg attributed to the AFL-CIO Political Director, Michael Podhorzer, that was printed in The Labor Citizen, Volume 1, issue 4, p 7.

"We'll get a huge influx of money and workers" on state races because the (workers) lived under       repressive regimes."

     In that same issue, Trumka says "none of us are strong enough" or organized enough to change the U.S. anti-worker, procorporate political climate, or to make the economy work for the 99 percent, not the 1 percent.  So Trumka wants to bring in more progressive groups, "such as lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgenger groups to the Labor movement."

Divide and Conquer?  On 9.16.2013, NPR's On Point aired a show focused on the new strength of mayors as "Washington power wanes" (largely due to unpopular legislation.).  The unions have also now vowed to play heavily in local elections now, and they can spend unlimited amounts due to the recent Supreme Court ruling that allows them to spend unlimited amounts to speak to non-members

     Now that is one hell-av-an Alinsky preacher!  And it looks like "Liberation Theology" for frustrated union leaders and radical politicians.

Monday, September 02, 2013

No Breakfast of Champions for Tamarlan

No Breakfast of Champions for Tamarlan

     The August issue of Rolling Stone Magazine gives an excellent description of the lives of the "Boston Bombers".  Anyone can see some of "their own" in the lives of these individuals, particularly if they have lived in the northeast.  However, Tamarlan, a champion boxer, clearly had jihad on his mind, as a personal journey, if not for the retribution of wrongs done by America to Muslims in other countries.  And like McVeigh, this appears to have been his last chance to carry that mission out. He led a mixed-up, evangelical life, to say the least.

     And Jahar?  No parents or roots in America, his only exposure to the economics of life in Cambridge, Mass.  But he did have a car, a green Honda Civic.  His father was a prosecutor in Kyrgyzsatan, before the Russians purged foreigners, while his mother wore her hair like Pat Benatar.  In America, his father had to take a $10 per hour job as a mechanic, and then he finally left the country.  While Jahar's mother finally fled the country to escape a charge of shop-lifting $1600 worth of clothes from Lord and Taylors.

I am waiting for Martin Cruz Smith's new book, Tatiana.  He is always full of insights into modern foreign culture.