Sunday, January 17, 2016

Good-Bye Obamacontin - Who wants a beer with the President?

Bernie Sanders gains support!

Finally a Democrat has gotten ahead that is not taxing the country with Obamacare and Oxycontin prescriptions.

Good-bye Fun with Dick and Jane and "Keep the car running" doctors.

Maybe he wouldn't pardon drug dealers either. Perhaps that's why Chapo gave up on trying to elude authorities. It makes sense to us. He prefers hot girls to working for a living. I don't think he's been to France twice in a year though. Obama has made most of his foreign trips to France.

This is the first generation of 18-34 year olds that do not live as long as the last. It is a war against whites. Getting people off of Oxycontin is costly! They'll probably do anything to get it, even happily vote 2012.


You also cannot get rid of student loan debt with bankruptcy now, credit rules are looser, and student debt has risen. And now Obama will give 2 years of free community college to every student. I suppose Johnson would have too. The Russians had Chernobyl, the US has the Iraq war (not to often mention Fukushima's GE Mark reactors without backup power in a tsunami-prone area).


Using a social program from Hyde Park's University of Chicago social program, Obama, Andy Stern, and the Teamsters have re-shaped your healthcare.

Are we getting rid of the drug corruption?

Who wants to have a beer with the President?

                        Hey is that a beer you got there man?