Friday, June 24, 2016

The Queen Is Changing Her Clothes

England has voted for Brexit. They will leave the European Union.

It was thought-provoking to hear the author Frederick Forsyth say that only the "fat cats" wanted to stay in the EU. But where will they go from here? It would suggest to us that the MI5 has had a talk with
Muramansk. We will be watching Forsyth and LeCarre.

This sure makes a contaminated world colorful! Fish and Chips from Hollywood and Oregon on the Pacific are out. But perhaps the hops are still acceptable.

What would J.P. Priestly say: "I can take it dear" or "It's the meat"? 

But what about Washington, D.C.'s response? Perhaps, it is Obama's only chance at a decent legacy. It is, after all, well after 2012, and luckily Broadway does not have  new run of Seldes's Lysistrata.  (But Lysistrata Jane is running). "LET THE SUN SHINE IN"?

Tuesday, June 21, 2016



Now the media is attacking Republican Candidate Donald Trump on his ability to get free coverage of his political campaign.

There wasn't any free media for Andy Stern and his build up of the SEIU that led to the Obama administration and his gay-friendly, felon-friendly society of marijuana farms and Obamacare.

Nor was there proper coverage. The majority of voters clearly opposed this build up, but the media didn't.

So who runs this place? The media? The rich? Obamacare doctors? This election and it's media coverage is quite enlightening.

What choice do thinking voters have? They are fed up!

Another proud moment for the