Wednesday, July 13, 2016


One more time we are calling for the impeachment of a president!  Clinton got it, Bush should have got it, and now Obama deserves it.

It is a crime to support and act of terrorism in this country, and now Barak Obama appears to be doing just that with his rhetoric aimed at getting "both sides" to see each other's sides.  Black lives lay next to fallen police officers at common memorials all over the country.  This is not a matter of victims of violence at this point.  It is a matter of possible police brutality (caught on cell phones) versus an act of terrorism of a black man shooting white police officers protecting protesters of
of the shootings.

What we need are investigations and restraint from our leaders in order to stop this blood shed.  Terrorism is not activism.  It appears that the President's coalition has lost sight of that.

This looks impeachable to us.  Get rid of the problem. First it is "fast and furious" against Mexico, and now it is "see each other's side.  Obama acts like it is another  "have a beer with the president" incident!

Friday, July 08, 2016

We need strong, rational leaders, not partying acitivists, racists, and "power beards"

Overnight police officers were shot at and killed simply
for wearing their uniforms, and most likely for
being white.

This occurred after the Governor of Minnesota
claimed that race had something to do with the
shooting of a black man who was pulled over for
a broken safety feature on his car.

Upon interrogation, the victim told the police officer
he had a firearm and was licensed to carry one.
He then reached into his back pocket. Horribly,
he was then shot.

But why mention a firearm and a license to carry a
weapon if you are not going to use it in the traffic
stop?  At least as far as the officer is concerned at
the time.  The officer's actions are abhorrent, but what
is this firearm stuff all about?

The Governor of a state ought to know that and restrain
his comments until there is a full investigation.

Police do not like firearms in their presence.  You are lucky
if you don't have one in a frisk, let a lot tell them you are

They cannot control the FBI, the police, the secret service,
and now the Governors are out of control!

We need strong, rational leaders, not partying acitivists, racists,
and "power beards".