Sunday, October 30, 2016

Clinton's Nasty Girls, E-mails, and Sexting Scandals

 How Nasty does it get? 
Weiner's wife is on Hillary Clinton's campaign plane and the F.B.I. is re-opening the E-mail investigation because apparently Weiner too had confidential E-mails.  Weiner is the guy who had to resign in New York over a Sexting scandal.  He too ran for office again, but was defeated.

 It is also hard to imagine that Hillary Clinton, the wife of an ex-president would make a mistake with a private e-mail server account without some other need or knowledge.

Perhaps she wanted some privacy from  White House surveillance of her private business which included confidential and most likely top secret information?

What about the rest of us and the bulk collection of information that Snowden revealed?  Is the Obama administration a known peep? Legally or Not???  Is his machine out to destroy others, not help others?  Is it racist?  Did Clinton know that, and know that she needed an account separate from the White House?  What is happening to the bulk collected data?  It looks like it is being used against Americans to us.

And let us not forget the resignation of  Michelle Leonhart over the DEA sex scandals in Columbia.

Will Hillary Clinton finally flip the finger too?

Saturday, October 22, 2016

"Now I'm Living In Haiti"

If Trump were to loose Election 2016, will many consider this too a "sham election"?  It does not look like Trump has any "Ice-Nine" should he loose either.  Perhaps Mike Pence does.  And in Indianapolis the fish will be jumping and the turtles walking near Sugar Creek.

-Thoughts about Kurt Vonnegut's Cat's Cradle and Breakfast of Champions or Good-bye Blue Monday
Kurt Vonnegut (of Indianapolis and New York City as well).

Blue Mondays, another interesting title on Amazon.  The story of the Montreal Expos moving to Washington, DC as the Nationals.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016


     No more "special" bookstores.  Another Clinton as President is a non-starter!


Most of us in the middle must agree that this year has been a pathetic performance of candidates for the President of the United States of America.  But it is clear to us at the, that there is only 1 viable candidate, Donald Trump.

The Obama administration was put in place utilizing techniques of Saul Alinsky, a political organizer from Chicago in  the 1960s.  These techniques were first utilized by the Liberation Theology of the Catholic Church and were subsequently used by the Muslim Brotherhood.  Pope Frances has now denounced liberation theology.  But his Cardinal picks in the United States have denounced Republican policies.  They appear to be "flushing" the middle class, presumably the non-believers, down the toilet with the same types of tactics.

And now look what ISIS is doing to this country.

Obama/Clinton cannot stop ISIS in a timely and appropriate matter and beheadings are on our news programs now.  They can't talk to Russia.  Their only friends appear to be the Chinese, off-line of course, and not considering the spies! Clinton and Obama's home town, Chicago, is one of the most violent cities in the world now since Obama's election. 

Policies, like those of Hillary Clinton are as good as setting up "special" bookstores in France.  She claims to be a savior for female American dignity, yet she is the spouse of a former President of the United States, Bill Clinton,  that appointed her to his healthcare initiative.  Furthermore, her husband President, Bill Clinton was impeached for a sex scandal with among others, a White House Intern.  Hillary Clinton defended her husband to the point of calling the women liars in a "vast right wing conspiracy".  We essentially had pornography each evening on our news programs.

In France, the "Little Beurs" immigrants from North Africa that protested for more rights in French society, were respected.  Their movement, however, was quickly overtaken by the Muslim Brotherhood.  And now look at the terrorism in France.  Who is next?  We have to assume the United States.  This is why a "wall" is now necessary in the United States.

 For a good review of the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood see The Flight of the Intellectuals. The Controversy over Islamism and the Press by Paul Berman.  Melville House, Brooklyn, NY, 2001.

The Darien Pass of Colombia is now being used by undocumented Europeans to enter the United States.  This is the FARC held area of Colombia known for cocaine trafficking and guerilla activity. They were funded by Cuba.  Europeans use this route to enter the United States via Mexico now.  And supposedly, even Cuban doctors are using it to try to enter the United States because they are "fed up with their healthcare system".

A WALL IS NEEDED TO STOP ISIS FROM INVADING THE UNITED STATES, THAT IS CLEAR.  It is not immigrants that are to be stopped necessarily, it is terrorists that have a warped ideology against the West.

For more on the Darien Gap, see Skull on a Stake.  by Jason Motlagh, in the August issue of Outside magazine, and YES, THIS IS THE RYAN LOCHTE ISSUE.  (Jason Motlagh is a fellow with the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting).

 No more "special" bookstores.  Another Clinton as President is a non-starter!