Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Pathetic Last Days of America's "First Gay President"
Obama's final days as President of the United States of America

1. Obama blames the Russians for his party's loss to now President Trump and the Republicans.  This is despite the fact that Clinton used a non secure E-mail account that was being investigated by the FBI.

2. Obama pardons a long list of drug dealers on his last day.

3.  Obama commutes the sentence of a military secret leaker, who has since then changed his gender to a woman, claiming that justice had been served.

4.  Buildings are vandalized and cars are set on fire on Trump's inauguration day.  (All of these people had time on their hands to march to Washington and vandalize the property of  the succesful!).

5.  A common vigil was held for slain police officers and victims of police guns last fall.

6. Activists call on muslims to join he LGBT gay cause against Trump.

And on the first day of his presidency, President Trump took the LGBT page down from the White House site and began repealing "Obamacare"!

Thank you President Trump.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Obama Commutes the Sentence of Chelsea Manning, WikiLeaks Leaker

Obama commuted the sentence of a transgender Army Military Analyst, Chelsea Manning, for leaking information to Wikileaks.  Perhaps this was at the request of the new SEIU president, a self-proclaimed lesbian, and Roman Catholic, and graduate of Michigan State University.

Shouldn't this be left to another administration? 

The Purple Union people cannot handle the rights of all Americans, especially those involving  privacy.

Clinton lost, but so did Russ Feingold in Wisconsin.

Russ Feingold was the only vote against the Patriot act's provision for the invasion of American privacy.