Friday, April 17, 2020

And The Party Is Extended to Pandemic Fires - Masks Wick Viruses!

 And the Governors cannot blame Trump for their misuse!  They are promoting a "wishy-washy" use of masks that varies with the distance of people from each other in different "outside" situations.

 Telling people to fashion a mask out of their own materials to protect them from a relatively stable pandemic-inducing is setting our communities on FIRE!

A wet mask will not only transmit any virus from the hands to surfaces, it will also transfer viruses to the wearer, as he navigates a virus-infested environment, courtesy of other wet masks.

Everyone needs to be informed about the dangers of viruses "wicking" into their nose and mouth.

Hand sanitizer use or "hand to mask behavior training" must be mandatory, since people cannot carry a sink and soap with them.