Sunday, October 02, 2005

Serious Candidate Needed

Our current Bi-party system has placed Howard Dean, a candidate supported by the N.R.A., at the head of the Democratic party. How dare they drag us all down as "Bud". They have now suggested that Hillary Clinton, the wife of William Jefferson Clinton, may run for president. There is nothing wrong with putting a woman on the presidential ticket, but Clinton? The recently elected Senator Clinton is the wife an ex-president who went through impeachment proceedings for a sex-scandal in the White House! To even consider her candidacy for president hurts the opposition to the Bush Presidency. How can she possibly expect to be seen as someone who speaks for a Centrist Democrat? Barbara Streisand or Jane Fonda would be better!

We need a serious candidate to remove the right from the White house. A White house that still insists on calling the Iraq war a war against terrorism. Our country is deeply polar now. Can you imagine the wife of a world famous White House philanderer running for president in the last remaining Christian stronghold? We do not want Hillary Clinton leading us from the Dark Ages, Please! This polarity is dangerous and is affecting investment in our countries and is sure to affect the dollar as well. How will Greenspan save the dollar? - Probably by relying on the housing foam (bubble) to disintegrate. Fewer dollars will purchase the low equity homes lost from the working poor. Once again, the F.D.R. Brats will profit and the digital age children will foot the bill!


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