Saturday, November 25, 2006

Coca Producering Regions Coin "NeoLibs" for Dems

Peru is already calling the Dems - "NeoLibs" - Can you believe it?

They say that Genetically Modified Crops are promoted by NeoLibs because all that they care about is price! (Coca is not genetically engineered!)

Higher food prices go along with problems of food production, But they do not necessarily help the world!

They're admiting that the can produce more food with GMOs! But they want more money.
Look the Washington bank account has been drained by the Republicans!

The Dems no sooner took over the majority and the Neocons were asking for handouts from the voters this time!

Is Coca the problem here? Maintaining the "status quo" will not work! We must get the NeoCons out of our pockets!


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