Friday, April 06, 2007

Midwest Bomb Obama

Obama and Clinton: The two titans?

First, the two candidates are ridiculous. A democrat from Chicago who also does not deny his cocaine use is unacceptible after our experience with Bush alone. Furthermore, when Senator Clinton was married to the last Commander in Chief he was impeached for a sex scandal.

A strong candidate from the Midwest is needed to take over our foreign policy. What funds Los Angeles and the West coast? - Defense contracts. Let us not forget what happened the two other recent times the West took over the Whitehouse, Johnson with McNamara and G.W. Bush.

In Viet nam, the stage was actually set with the Kennedy administration for the Western cowboys to invade Viet nam and lie to the voters. First, McNamara, a newly appointed member of the "New Frontier" and a graduate of the California system insisted on keeping a Roosevelt out of the Navy. Instead, on McNamara's insistence, JFK appointed John Connally of Texas as the Secretary of the Navy. Then after the assassination of JFK by a Texan who trained in Russia and Cuba, Johnson began invading Vietnam while lying to the public the whole time.

In the 9/11/01 incident, it is not yet clear where the entire stage was set, but we do know that a Western President, G.W. Bush did absolutely nothing to prevent it. And then with doctored documents to invade Iraq, leaving our troops there to be "suicide-bomber magnets".

What will happen if the Democrats cannot regain the Whitehouse? Another Western President? Although Mitt Romney is from the east, his church and substantial support is seated firmly in the west! Let us not forget that the seat of the Mormon church is Salt Lake City, basically a Sinclair oil city. That very company is advertising "terror-free" oil and stands to profit the most from high oil prices.

What will Mitt Romney do to stop world terrorism? How will Clinton take the Whitehouse back? And what if she does? Another east coast oil addict dictating pro-east oil consumption policies? And even if Obama can take the Whitehouse with his background in Islam and foreign residences, do we want another President who does not deny his drug use? Commander in Chief?

Obama is just the Midwestern bomb that the Neocons need. And Clinton isn't helping us any either.


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