Sunday, February 25, 2007


Could Bob Woodward's "State of Denial" be better entitled "Lying in State"?

Kissinger said that he agreed with the Iraq war because the Muslims needed to be humiliated! "They are trying to humiliate us, he said, so we must humiliate them".

They have used our American boys as suicide bomb magnets, bullet magnets, and IED magnets.

Furthemore, they are using innocent Iraqi civilians for the same purpose. 30,000 Iraqis have died in 3 years, the equivalent of a 911 attack every week.

Hezbolah is helping to train the Iraqi Shia to use Iran-produced IEDs against the US.

Bush's explanation for Bob Woodward not understanding Saddam Hussein's WMD threat is that Bob Woodward is the elitist and travels in different circles.

What is clear to us at the is that Bush and Rumsfeld have covertly moved Saddam's suicide bomb machine to Iraqi homes! It seems that they lied about the WMDs to invade Iraq and carry out such a plan.

A covert plan like this would explain the following:

1. The goals Rumsfield outlined in "Plan of Attack"

A. Remove Saddam Hussein from power
B. Stop WMD production
C. Stop Saddam Husseins funding of suicide bombers.

2. This is the reason that Rumsfeld lowered the number of troops needed to invade and hold Iraq from 500,000 to 200,000. This was stated over and over again in "Plan of Attack". In "State of Denial" Rumsfeld says that he lowered the troop estimates because Franks told him to stop the troop flow because he did not need anymore to accomplish the mission.

3. Rumsfeld was very insistent about the chain of command at the beginning of the Iraq war, but he no longer is in an interview with Bob Woodard. Is he confused or does he mean that the suicide bombers are now in command?

4. The need for De-Baathification. The Baaths are an Iraqi Nationalist party. Removing them would promote the current instability within Iraq between sunnis and shites in particular. It was also the party of Saddam Hussein.

As human beings we must ask if this could have been planned to save innocent lives rather than maliciously move suicide bombers and Hezbollah into position to attack our troops and innocent Iraqis? Is it a case of "Lying in State", not a case of a "State of Denial"?

ORANGE TOTALITARIAN SPIN? Was the plan to move the suicide bombers or is this what they are left with?

Are we in the war against terrorism or are they looking for WWIII?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

And Perhaps he moved NeoCon grudges to New York on 9/11/01!

10:27 AM  
Blogger nationaldefenseparty said...

It also explains why Bush wanted the ability to start a war anywhere in the Middle East!

2:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Syria and Jordan have stopped taking Iraqi refugees in too!

They're locked in that new suicide bomber camp

2:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bush claims he invaded Iraq to remove a tyrant. He does not mention WMDs or a covert plan to use US troops a suicide bomber magnets.

2:54 PM  

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