Sunday, January 21, 2007


CLINTON?! - They will Blame the Voters Again!

Although Bush fired Rumsfeld the day after the 2006 elections, he now says that he alone is reponsible and not the ones who voted for the Neocons. After 6 yrs? Brilliant!

Arizona will run one. New Mexico will run one. We just got rid of one from Texas whose father was also one.

Even if we can't get Bayh of Indiana to run, just ask yourself one question -

Do we need another "vast right wing conspiracy" presidency, even if they sell more SUVs?

Heck no! And I am sure the polls will show that as well as Obamas experience if any of them end up on the ticket!

They are as good as putting a republican in office again to assume responsibility for the mess that their NeoCon Buddies got them in! A SMALL NUMBER OF ELITE PEOPLE IN THIS COUNTRY ARE PULLING ALL OF OUR STRINGS.


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