Wednesday, December 27, 2006



The "godfather" of the Neoconservative movement has died.
Gerald Ford Was Not a Harmless Man! That is becomming more clear every day and it is very relevant today!

Gerald Ford is the only President who was not elected. He pardoned Nixon, saying he wanted his problems off of his desk. Ford was also one of the first to encourage bipartisan cooperation! Rumsfeld and Cheney began their careers in the Whitehouse with him. Rumsfeld, as well as Francis Fukuyama, the father of the Neocon movement are from Chicago, down the street from Grand Rapids, the birthplace of Gerald Ford!

Betty Ford was addicted to Drugs and Alchohol. George Bush would not deny his cocaine use. And now look at the mess we're in! Hit by drug dealers on 9/11/01 and Bush has teamed up with Blair in Iraq! England is a well known heroine spreader. (And what a navy! huh?)

Grand Rapids is the first community in the country to begin fluoridation, in 1945, however, not 1946. Maybe General Ripper in Dr. Stangelove was right. Fluoridation as a communist plot.


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