Monday, June 11, 2007

Sunni's to Be Armed for Civil War Conflict

Sunnis will now be armed by the United States as well.

Let's see, hmmm.

1. US against Iraq Sunnis
2. Iraq Sunnis against US
3. Iraq Shiites against Iraq Sunnis
4. Iraq Shiites against US
5. Iran Shiites against Iran Sunnis
6. Iraq Sunnis against Iraq Shiites.
7. And this all got started with US against Iraq Sunnis
8. Then came Al Queda - Sunnis against US and Shiites and now Sunnis

9. Al Queda against US
11. US against Al Queda
12. Al Queda against Iraq Shiites
13. Al Queda Against Iraq Sunnis
14. US against Al Queda
15. Now it is Iraq Sunnis against Al Queda (Sunnis)?


We are now waiting for

16. Iran Shiites against Al Queda
17. Al Queda against Iran Shiites
18. Iran Shiites Against US
19. US against Iran Shiites
20. ????????

Wouldn't it have been better for a proper WMD assesment in the first place? Or did that not suit the oil companies?



Blogger nationaldefenseparty said...;_ylt=AjhZEZvvjX.zYH0HiMdCDpGs0NUE

And now Al Queda is gaining enough strenght to hit the US again!

What are they doing over there?

8:56 AM  
Blogger nationaldefenseparty said...

Victor Boot, and ex-USSR mafia figure was on the US list just below Al Queda, yet the Bush administration asked for their exception in order to allow him to fly arms into Iraq!

What other friends does he have over there?

9:02 AM  
Blogger nationaldefenseparty said...

And Bush's friend in his fight with Al Queda - Musharaf of Pakistan, a non-elected President who took power with a military coup. And now Pakistan is the Al Queda training ground.

Pakistan is 75% Sunni and about 25% Shiite.

(Musharaf wants more money!);_ylt=AvOsLoSFIcfCW31UnMu8ekrMWM0F

Iraq is 65% Shia and 30% Sunni.

(Kurds are mainly Sunni as well)

10:07 AM  

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