Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Forestier is Dead: Siegfried and Zelten "Rome" Freely

1. 4 Million people in Iran are now addicted to Afghanistan Heroin.

2. The Number 1 ally if the United States in South America is Colombia. 1 Billion dollars a year is given to Colombia. Some of that aid is used to control leftist FARCs.

>>>>>>>>"Yes, I have slept with her, Siegfried.I am still full of
>>>>>>>>>her perfume, that odor of dust and rose petals and
>>>>>>>>>blood which she gives off whenever someone touches
>>>>>>>>>one of her sovereignities; I have had everything
>>>>>>>>>she gives to her lovers, the drama, the power over
>>>>>>>>>souls. She will never give you anything but an
>>>>>>>>>agricultural compound.
>>>>>>>>>Siegfried. Jean Giraudoux.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We received an E-mail from the President, asking for our opinion on Heathcare. But to submit it you must FIRST pledge your support!

Neo Totalitarian Regime?


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Blogger nationaldefenseparty said...

See Liberal Facism. by Jonah Goldberg. He is quite anti-French.

Goldberg has the gall to say that the Italians protected the Jews while the French eargerly cooperated with the Nazis. (pg 17)

But on page 25 he describes the expulsion of Jews from the Italian Facist Party before Hitler invaded. And then sent them to death camps after Hitler invaded Italy in 1942.

The French were invaded and defeated by the Germans in 1940!

It was the Germans that the Allies met at Normandy on D-day for CHR%@ST's sake.

Furthermore, many in the Vichy did everything possible to save live from Germans. Admitidely there were exceptions. Those exceptions were placed in govt offices at the demands of the Germans. After the war, they were tried and executed.
Laval was executed in Fresnes Prison, in Paris.

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