Sunday, June 21, 2009

Machiavelian Gay Politics?

Lesbians against Letterman?

Give us a break. Complaints that David Letterman would make a joke about raping a 14 year girl are simply over the top. Even Sarah Palin has accepted his apology. It was her daughter that got pregnant out-of-wedlock, and had to campaign in front of the country pregnant.

Of course, David Letterman is not as progressive as Craig Ferguson who follows him, but Craig Ferguson is someone you immediately turn off. What are the gays are thinking? And frankly, Conan is a little on the progressive late-night side for many.

I don't find the Palin jokes funny. But if you consider the fact that she is on the side of the right wing conservatives, it is probably fair game.
(There is nothing funny about Leno's Lays commercial humor either.)

The biggest complaint should go against Oprah, especially from a women's rights organzation (If that is what they are). Oprah was unwilling to have Sarah Palin on her show before Obama was elected, and her show reaches 99% of the physical population. But she always has time for people like Jenny McCarthy. (I say physical because I certainly won't watch it.) Oprah is willing to have Palin on the show if she is defeated, however.

Again, this country must accept political realities. We can't have every late-night show a show to promote gay thought. And gays are helping to keep people like Bush in office, while some Democrats fight for them in the government. Let's keep the homosexual humor off-the-cuff, PLEASE!


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