Monday, August 28, 2017

The Politics of Hurricanes - Luck Made Me Mayor, Maybe President if Harvey Stays in the Bay

The Mayor of Houston refused to issue an evacuation order while Hurricane Harvey developed into a category IV storm that threatened to dump 50 inches of rain on the region. At the same time the Governor suggested a voluntary evacuation for those that could.

Houston!  Houston!  A bayou city that is sinking like New Orleans. Elderly retirees were seen in their wheel chairs and up to their waste in water, waiting for a rescue operation.

If the Houston Mayor had been right (with a miracle) he would be hailed as a great leader in some communities in Texas and the USA and may have been looking at being the Governor or even the Presidency next (with no "birther controversy of course).  But Harvey did, in fact, hit like Katrina, and now they are underwater with torrential rains expected for days.

The Party Continues!  And they are singing in the convention center again.


Blogger Unknown said...

Some think "The South" has risen again. I disagree. It is the same as it always was.

See the NYT Story about "The South" learning from the past -
The only positive thing mentioned in Houston is the Medical Center rebuilding after Hurricane Alicia hit it. And it goes on to say that they decided against mass evacuations because the storm decided to linger rather than threaten high winds. In other words it was going to flood MANY with Sewer Water!

The Writer for the New York Times here is a Southern Writer -Richard FAusset is a correspondent based in Atlanta. He mainly writes about the American South.

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