Thursday, February 17, 2005

Smell A Rat???? (Of course you do)

Only in the Bush Administration:

Negroponte, the Iraq Ambassador, has been choosen for National Intelligence Chief.

(And this after Tenet stepped down despite his warnings about Al Queda).

(B.T.W. - was his family threatened? In his fairwell speech he said his reason for leaving on 7/11/04 was that he wanted to spend time with his high school children).

911 - ?
711-- Southland corporation

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Bush wants retirement accounts

Clearly Bush and Cheney are "banking" on us needing our retirement accounts before retirement. Cheney admits that if you hold your account until retirement it is going to cost the goverment more.

They are stealing from the average American - there will be NO Social Security!

More Speical Interests!!!!!!

Bush is cutting funds to AMTRAK at the same time that Greyhound of Dallas, TX is cuttting back service! Why? ---> special Texas interests in the White House at a time when we need to become more energy independent!