Friday, September 28, 2018

Wayne's World At Congress

Obama and Clintons Join the Party -

Wayne's World takes place in Aurora, IL, a suburb of Chicago, IL - the real HOME of Obama and Clinton (vs. Washington, D.C. and the coast of Long Island, NY).

Did a high school-aged Judge Kavanaugh try to rape a woman, who went on to become a psychology major in California?

Was Mike Meyers laughing at the California psychologist, Dr. Ford, while on top of her in his basement? As likely as Judge Kavanaugh and a friend were in his room.

She is clearly a liar and that was presented at the hearing.  She flies whenever she wants to.  She is a pathological liar, psychology major or not, and it was presented.

The only problem with Judge Kavanugh is his POSSIBLE relationship with G.W. Bush.  And that may be positive for the country. He has the inside story!

Thank you Senator Graham and others!  Yesterday's hearing was a waste of time and tax payers' money.  Money they don't have, btw!