Sunday, March 10, 2019

New Drug Store Perfume is Needed

Taylor Swift's fragrance is out of the aisle at Walgreens headquarters in Chicago.  But don't fret Theranos has a plan and a new machine, one sure to make a customer out of every body that enters their pharmacy, courtesy of FRAUD!  Obamacare and Theranos fraud, is how the Second City drug store dictates to the rest.

Drop outs - Chicago had a 57 percent graduation rate in 2011, the year of the Fukushima nuclear disaster.  By some miracle, Obama's friend Rob Emanuel has raised that to 77 percent -  We' would like to see ALL of the exam sheets, not the selected ones!

It is Jennifer Lawrence's day in Walgreens aisles now.  

Walgreens Pharmacies may soon go the same road as their purchase, Theranos, if they don't keep their pharmacists off of the streets chasing after scared customers (Which the do, by the way).

And what did 25 or 6 to 4 mean anyway?
Chicago, 1969

It has been banned in some countries!

                         "Andy Gump came in late with Chester,
                          He sat in the pit with a big or-ches-tra;
                          Boy, you should hear old Baney Google Play
                         "In a love nest" on his bugle" 
                         The Dance of the Paper Dolls
                         Johnny Tucker, Joe Schuster, and John
                         Siras.  Copyright MCMXXVIII by M.
                         Witmark and Sons, International Copyright

                        Nana, Na
                        Na-na na
                       The Night Chicago Died
                       Paper Lace

Drug Store Perfume
Gerard Way, on the G album