Sunday, October 23, 2005

They should use the Dallas Barnes and Noble Coffee Shop.

If they want to know what college kids are studying throughout the country or using as bed time reading, they should use the Coffee shop at Barnes and Nobles. More recently, Bush complains about communism, rather than totalitarianism. Supervision of the E-mails of college students within their institution is not appropriate reading materials for the regime from Texas. They have their free system and they have their particular social environment to go with it, now leave others theirs. THERE IS LITTLE QUESTION THAT BUSH'S CRONIES WILL USE THAT MECHANISM TO ATTEMPT TO RULE THE COUNTRY FROM THE FREE-TUITION STATE OF TEXAS. In fact, First Lady Bush specifically mentioned reading to to children as a mechanism to distract them from 9/11/01. Texas buys a huge number of text books from around the country, so they are proud of that political clout. They will also be proud of mining your E-mails!!!!!!!!


October 23, 2005


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