Tuesday, August 06, 2019


The two shootings last weekend indicate the seriousness of our gun culture in some communities of our country.

Obama can share in the blame in this mentality with his "fast and furious" culture.  A culture cultivated in his administration with then Attorney General, Eric Holder.

Why sell firearms to low level gang members?  How about murder!  Those people are those with the hope of moving up in a drug cartel?  

Want to impress a cartel executive?  Kill an enemy.  Dirty your hands to impress him.

Well now that violence has hit our cities, just as President Trump predicted.

The US-Mexico border and the Oregon district of Dayton, Ohio have been hit by our own firepower by the disgruntled and violent mentally ill.

President Trump wants a wall, and it looks like we need a good one more and more. Just think what is waiting for us now after policies like those of Barak Obama.

We could also use more sense in weapons sales.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just who is fanning the flames of racism? It looks like the Democrats from here.

St. Louis/Ferguson was on the news, yet even in James Comey's book, the proper actions of the police are discussed in that situation! The media continues to foster racism with the LEFT LEFT!

Obama's Attorney General, Eric Holder was selling firearms to low level drug dealers in the hopes of getting them tracable to the cartel - what gets them to the cartel? Murder!

Is there a Black/Hispanic thing here too?

Second City and the Second Smallest State? Do we want those illegal weapons at our backs for progression?

12:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sandy Hook and the Connecticut Murders showed that

2:04 AM  

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