Sunday, July 05, 2020

President Trump's Brilliant Speech and Display at Mt. Rushmore

President Trump gave a unifying speech at Mt. Rushmore on July 3rd.  It was probably one of the best speeches we have had in decades.  He invoked the legacy of diverse Americans, that were also great and brilliant.  Leaders and builders of this country were on display with the fireworks and the Black Hills.

As he said in his speech, many of the recent protesters, along with some associated hoodlums, did not have a clue about what they were doing.  And apparently, Joe Biden did not understand the President's speech, that was also criticized by left-invested media, either.

It was Obama/Biden that helped throw this country further off the course that the majority of Americans clearly wanted.  The majority wanted freedom.  Freedom from the racist politics of Obamacare, for example.  A country still careening after a war waged by a mad president who invented weapons of mass destruction was USED by this left wing agenda consisting of Obama/Biden and Andy Stern of the SEIU to establish their political goals using medical care to invade homes and communities with their agenda.

And now Trump attempts to get it back on track with the messes of world debt and politics in upheaval, nuclear-capable missle tests, and a new bat virus released from China exacting a toll on the Earth's population in a pandemic.

What we are seeing in the media today is the stupidity of anarchy for the sake of political power only.  Anarchy used by the few to dominate the majority.

It is Biden who needs to be stopped - because of his past policies against Americans, the majority of Americans, with political fusions using the radical politics of Saul Alinsky that also brought us the Kent State killings and the destruction of many American businesses.

Will President Trump step up again?  We have to hope so because it is clear that Biden certainly cannot do the job that the majority of Americans want done.


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What the media call a "divided America"

But - new state of the art hospitals are not only Obamacare friendly, but the rooms are private - even they grey zones one would suppose

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