Monday, October 31, 2005

The Answer is TEXAS -

The question was: What do Prion Disease, Bush, Lyndon Johnson, Lee Harvey Oswald, Kinky Friedman and cannibals have in common?;_ylt=AqzZXzKHaqNFF2bWcE3I9N2s0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTA3YXYwNDRrBHNlYwM3NjI-

Bush Would Make Alito a Legal ALIEN!

Justice Alito, was the lone dissenter in a case that struck DOWN a law requiring women seeking abortions to inform their husbands. While I am against abortion, a women's body is her body alone, and a husband's decision on such a matter in the context of legal abortion is not appropriate. This appears to be a perspective of spousal ownership when they refuse to go against Roe versus Wade, yet would require a woman to get husband consent for abortion.

Another concern is Justice Alito's willingness to be liberal with Muslim men in the police force at the same time he holds these other conservative views. He voted to allow them to wear beards while serving as police officers when the police department policy was against it. Coincidentally, Pat Robertson even refers to the 911 terrorists as "bearded men."

Saturday, October 29, 2005


Finally, the first indictment of this corrupt administration. It better lead to impeachment. Even though many expect Libby to plead guilty to save the adminstration embarrasment.

Apparently their administration will only understand it in the following way:

"We don't need, No More Trouble"
"We don't need, No More Trouble"...
"We don't need no more war"

-Bob Marley and Wailers

P.S. Apparently, they both use the same speech coach.

Sunday, October 23, 2005


What do Plamegate, WMDs, John Bolton at the UN and Bush going to the UN for help have in common?

It doesn't take a rocket scientist!

Bolton was responsible for the false uranium report, and his CIA agent friend is involved in Plamegate! Now Bush is looking to Syria to bring his numbers up!

Bolton's Yellowcake

John Bolton & the Battle for Reality

UN Basher as UN Ambassador: Bolton's Baggage

Plamegate: The John Bolton Connection

They should use the Dallas Barnes and Noble Coffee Shop.

If they want to know what college kids are studying throughout the country or using as bed time reading, they should use the Coffee shop at Barnes and Nobles. More recently, Bush complains about communism, rather than totalitarianism. Supervision of the E-mails of college students within their institution is not appropriate reading materials for the regime from Texas. They have their free system and they have their particular social environment to go with it, now leave others theirs. THERE IS LITTLE QUESTION THAT BUSH'S CRONIES WILL USE THAT MECHANISM TO ATTEMPT TO RULE THE COUNTRY FROM THE FREE-TUITION STATE OF TEXAS. In fact, First Lady Bush specifically mentioned reading to to children as a mechanism to distract them from 9/11/01. Texas buys a huge number of text books from around the country, so they are proud of that political clout. They will also be proud of mining your E-mails!!!!!!!!


October 23, 2005

Thursday, October 06, 2005

10/6/2005 Iraq War Speech was Inappropriate

Iraq, Viet Nam, Nagasaki, Hiroshima, and the Holocost were not mentioned in Bush's speech, but Communism was! Has Putin told him No??? Not once does he apologize for intelligence failures! Perhaps he does not consider anything here a failure?

Bush clearly speaks "Bush-Speak". He needs to be removed. In 2004, we tried. He was re-elected despite the limited talk of impeachment.

It is reasonable to compare the actions of the United States to those of the Genghis Kahn. It is well documented that the United States was wrong in Vietnam. Senator Kerry is a deep thinker. As a Catholic, he must have been deeply disturbed by the events that occurred in Vietnam. In pre-war Vietnam, the Catholics were the elite ruling class. Even before the Vietnam war, the John F. Kennedy administration admits mistakes were made when the United States became involved in the assassination of the South Vietnamese leader, Diem (1). To start the Vietnam war against the communists, Johnson, a Texan like Bush, manufactured an assault on our vessel in the Bay of Tonkin. At the hands of our troops, villages and homes of innocent people were burned. Innocent Farmers were even stalked by US aircraft with machine guns with the summary judgment that they were Viet Cong. The defoliant, Agent Orange, and napalm were also administered by aircraft (2).

Genghis Kahn was a Mongolian. Horsemen from the Gobi desert, the Mongolians were known for their ruthlessness. They were very successful by the ruthless use of power, taking vast areas from the Christians. However, they indiscriminately killed, burned, and pillaged as they went. The descendants of Genghis Kahn ruled much of Asia, eastern Europe, and Russia as the Tartars. They were also the first to use gun powder and chemical weapons against their opponents. More importantly, however, the successes of the Genghis Kahn and the Golden Horde ("Golden Army") led to the destruction of Manichaeism. The Tartars were Muslims.

Islam and Manichaeism were two religions practiced in the arid regions of Africa and Asia. Manichaeism was a religion originating in Persia in the third century with the prophet Mani. Manichaeism built on principles of Zoroatricism, Mithraism, Judaism, and Gnosticism.
In Manichaeism,

"the world is divided into rival realms of Darkness and Light; the earth belonged the kingdom of Darkness, and Satan had created man. Nevertheless, the angels of the God of Light had surreptitiously introduced some elements of light into humanity-mind, intelligence, reason. Even woman, said Mani, has in her some sparks of light; but woman is Satan's masterpiece, his chief agent in tempting man to sin. If a man will refrain from sex idolatry and lead an ascetic life of vegetarianism and fasting, the elements of light in him can overcome his Satanic impulses, and lead him, like a kindly light, to salvation" (3).

Mani died a Martyr at the hands of the Magian clergy. He was crucified, his skin stuffed with straw and his body was hung from the city gates for all to see. However, it is easy to see that Manichaeism was well adapted to desert life and Manichaeism survived over 1000 years until the coming of Genghis Kahn. Islam was founded by the prophet Muhammed with entirely different pretenses (1). Islam is not a humble religion, as Manichaeism was. Islam began with the prophet, Muhammed. Mohammed was born in Mecca, Saudi Arabia in the 7th century and was a member of the Quraysh tribe. This was a poor, but respected tribe. He wrote the Qur'an after the angel Gabriel came to him in a cave and told him he was a prophet. His wife and son were his first followers. After conquering Mecca, he allowed the practice of Judaism and Christianity as "people of the book". Muhammed believed in a personal God. This is very similar to Puritan culture in the United States (4). Muhammed also believed in social and economic justice. He also practised polygamy. Another characteristic that seems to be shared by Protestant and Muslim culture is X-linked disease. All of Muhammed's son's died in early infancy. X-linked disease produces viable women only, and therefore promotes gene survival by selecting women. Islam is not necessarily humble, Muhammed even modeled his ascension to heaven in Jerusalem on Jesus Christ. However, it is a religion that is clearly adapted to desert-thinking rather than the more communal agricultural thinking of Christianity.

Texas and the Bush administration have clear economic ties to the Muslim culture of the middle east and Texas culture is very similar to Islamic culture. Texas is a desert-like community with few resources besides old petroleum fields. Texas has the highest execution rate in the country. This is also well adapted to desert life and is a characteristic shared with Islam. Interestingly, President Johnson used to actually make people watch him defecate (5). And when you mine wealth from feces, you must be "united". Texas often times refers to itself as the "National State of Texas" and as thus are united against the rest. There are many more similarities/coincidences too. Osama bin laden, for example, was a drug king pin from an oil family in Saudi Arabia. As you may recall, Bush did not deny his substance abuse in his campaign for presidency. And then we end up with another "Imperial Presidency" from Texas. Imperial Presidency is a term first coined by Arthur M. Schlessinger, Jr. (6).

Perhaps Genghis Kahn was the savior of the followers of Mani, uniting them into Islam. But for what purpose? Do you want George Bush uniting this country behind his personal God? Humility brought the Texans into the Whitehouse and it was quickly abandoned (7). It is time to rein in the George Bush administration before his "Hourde destroys" our "united America" and wherever else it wishes to roam. As John F. Kennedy said: "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country" (8). Accepting the truth about Vietnam with well deserved humility would be a good start. We also need a thinking person in the Whitehouse who will rule fairly for us all. Then the secret service can help keep George Bush out of your fields.

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copyright 2005

It may be worthwhile noting that a version of this post was submitted around October of 2004 before the election to several news papers in red states. Note Bush's Easter speech described here on 3/26/2005 as "Thank you Henry!!! Bush explains Easter"

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Serious Candidate Needed

Our current Bi-party system has placed Howard Dean, a candidate supported by the N.R.A., at the head of the Democratic party. How dare they drag us all down as "Bud". They have now suggested that Hillary Clinton, the wife of William Jefferson Clinton, may run for president. There is nothing wrong with putting a woman on the presidential ticket, but Clinton? The recently elected Senator Clinton is the wife an ex-president who went through impeachment proceedings for a sex-scandal in the White House! To even consider her candidacy for president hurts the opposition to the Bush Presidency. How can she possibly expect to be seen as someone who speaks for a Centrist Democrat? Barbara Streisand or Jane Fonda would be better!

We need a serious candidate to remove the right from the White house. A White house that still insists on calling the Iraq war a war against terrorism. Our country is deeply polar now. Can you imagine the wife of a world famous White House philanderer running for president in the last remaining Christian stronghold? We do not want Hillary Clinton leading us from the Dark Ages, Please! This polarity is dangerous and is affecting investment in our countries and is sure to affect the dollar as well. How will Greenspan save the dollar? - Probably by relying on the housing foam (bubble) to disintegrate. Fewer dollars will purchase the low equity homes lost from the working poor. Once again, the F.D.R. Brats will profit and the digital age children will foot the bill!