Monday, November 28, 2005

HEY!, NBC has decided to carry the ball too!

HEY!, NBC has decided to carry the ball too! (although against Bob Woodward).

Russert has said that Woodward's Journalism is suspicious. - That it is!

Read our July 2005 post about Bob Woodward!

Can Bob Woodward be Trusted??
Bush's second term can almost be considered a gift from Bob Woodward. Bob Woodward's books on his administration are instruments for Karl Rove and Bush's for credibility on the Iraq war. I grew up with Watergate and in awe of Woodward and Berstein. However, the presence of clear problems with the Bush administration has always made me suspect that Bob Woodward sold out to the Bush administration. It turns out that the University of Texas has bought his Watergate notes recently as well (PBS 7/2005). Clearly, Bob Woodward has a finacial interest in dealing with Bush's cronies. It has most likely not only clouded his objectivity, but has made him a biography writer and NOT AN INVESTIGATIVE REPORTER. Pick up a copy of the Washington Post sometime. It is almost a tabloid anymore.

I hope it is not drugs too!

We need good and brave investigators in Washington now! Hats off to the New York Times reporter, Judith Miller! If they all were as good at their job, Bush would be out by now!


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