Monday, January 02, 2006

ALITO aids the Rich Machine


1. National Association of Manufacturers said:
In December, the association endorsed Alito, saying, "With justices like Judge Roberts and Samuel Alito on the Supreme Court, we can begin to reduce the exorbitant cost of our legal system that consumes 2.3 percent of our GDP."


2. Alito compiled a record of backing businesses in employee claims of sex and racial discrimination during 15 years on the Philadelphia-based 3rd Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals.

3. "Both of them come out of a tradition of reading statutes narrowly. Both of them come out of a tradition of confining congressional power to the proper sphere,"

Sphere? - how about planet!

Read our earlier post:

Bush Would Make Alito a Legal ALIEN!
Justice Alito, was the lone dissenter in a case that struck DOWN a law requiring women seeking abortions to inform their husbands. While I am against abortion, a women's body is her body alone, and a husband's decision on such a matter in the context of legal abortion is not appropriate. This appears to be a perspective of spousal ownership when they refuse to go against Roe versus Wade, yet would require a woman to get husband consent for abortion.

Another concern is Justice Alito's willingness to be liberal with Muslim men in the police force at the same time he holds these other conservative views. He voted to allow them to wear beards while serving as police officers when the police department policy was against it. Coincidentally, Pat Robertson even refers to the 911 terrorists as "bearded men."


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