Monday, July 20, 2020

It May Not Be Putin or Beijing

If these local "Cornavirus Parties" continue, respiratory syndromes will make it easy enough for the Muslim Brotherhood to have their boots shined in Detroit!  And the polls indicate they may have another shot at it.  Who will step up to lead on this problem.  Local municipalities have failed in too many cases here.  QUARANTINES AND FAST ACTIONS ARE NEEDED.

Texas, California, Arizona, and Florida leading the Party Death Squads.  Yet, so far, New York has kept their infection rate down to 1%.  How?  They know better than to trust herd mentalities, whether it is a Texas cattle herd or  camel caravan.

What is driving this pandemic upsurge?  Beach parties?  There is no ocean front property in Arizona.  But there is a lot of sand...


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Beirut Explodes With Old Russian Ammonium Nitrate - The Government Resigns

Six French Tourists Are Slaughtered by Islamic terrorists in Niger.

Chicago's Miracle Mile is looted by rioters (some were wearing masks)

The Globalization Party for Nihilism Continues with lawless chaos and destruction.

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