Sunday, August 16, 2020

Beirut Explodes With Russian Ammonium Nitrate And Six French Tourists Are Slaughtered by Islam in Africa

As the Democrats rise in the polls, apparently extremism in the middle east does as well.

The Presidential Candidate Debates are key this year.  We need to determine competence and vision of our candidates for our future.  We are in a precarious situation throughout the world.  We can't have our streets filled with fake stethoscopes for another 4-8 years and the progressive politics of the Left in America are simply dangerous.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are in a very precarious position with "Water World" (Turkey). And as Turkey continues to provoke Greece now with their fighter jets, the French are sending warships and fighter jets to the East Mediterranean in support.

Both Turkey and Greece are NATO allies. But Turkey has had Russian support as well as US, trying to buy prohibited war systems from both!

Syria has been quieter under Trump. Let us hope we don't get another wave of the Muslim Brotherhood with another rise of the Progressive Left in the US.

(and the Bonhomme Richard burns in the San Diego harbor - a sad state of affairs if brewing here)

10:42 AM  

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